Day 2 - Creative Crafts

I love being creative. And glad that atleast I got those genes from my parents. Sometimes, it’s like a drug, keeps me high. Yeah I know, typically Nerdy talk. So let me introduce you to my Ecstasy.

1. Quilling

I am insanely in love with paper. No I don't eat it, I roll them and make these. Here's an earring I made recently and a handmade card.

2)      3D Origami

 Before I started making quilling models, I was completely devoted to 3D Origami. These are some of my earlier works. Been a long time since I made a 3D model. 

3. Shape Poetry

I have always been fascinated by different types and forms of poetry. This is my favorite category, it's challenging and still allows me to be as creative as possible. This is one of the shape poetry I wrote. For more you can check out my poetry blog -

4) MS Paint

Ohh I love to experiment in Microsoft paint too. Since I use most of the paper in creating other crafts, I virtually torture MS Paint with my hopeless drawing skills.

{Click on the image for better view}

5 Photography

Now now I am no expert, either I understand the technical nuances or terms, but then when you got a 14 MP camera, kare to kiya kare. So I picked up another creative craft. 

6 Writing

If there's anything I have ever been serious and passionate about, it's writing. The unbelievably strong medium that voices my thought, gives a new form to my insanity and not to forget how many crazy like-minded people I have interacted and made friends with :D 

7 Drawing

This is a picture of my hostel room about 6 years ago. The wall was filled with my childish drawings :D I still draw but mostly designs for my quilling works :)


I am taking part in #WriteFestival


  1. You are one talented lady, loved the shape poetry the most. Beautiful origami and painting too.

  2. Rajalakshmi till now I knew the artist in you but you are an all rounder. Glad to know more about your personality.

  3. Awesome talents and hobbies that you have there Raji, keep enthralling us with your creations...

  4. Oh! Wow! How many talents do you have and when do you find the time to breathe in between all this?

  5. I am looking at all these photographs in awe. Especially that shape poetry. Whoa! You're a talented person. Kudos.

  6. Oh my! I have never heard of quilling but it is something I know I would love doing. And the shape poem is super cool. I've tried a shape poem but only an easy shape - LOL. I will definitely check out your poetry blog.

    Very talented!

  7. Wow lovely crafts.. Very talented also my best wishes for ur future projects too...

  8. wow! That's super creative and ur so talented, Rajlakshmi:)

  9. i'm simply in love with your crafts...amazing crafts and fantastic write :)

    you can check out my post here:-
    Karan - Grand Mother

  10. You are definitely TALENTED!

  11. Loved the shaped poetry and your MS paint Raji .. :)

  12. Now this is something interesting.You are one talented soul.Keep the good work going....

  13. @Sulekha
    thank you so much for the kind comments :D :D

  14. @Suresh
    hehehe :D Somehow I manage my time :D

    thank you so much for such encouraging words :D Really glad that you like them :D

  15. @Talya
    yeah you should definitely try it :D It's a fun hobby :D


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