55 Fiction - Peace

He left her, all alone.


Standing at the balcony, she looked twenty storey down. An embrace of eternal freedom, from the throbbing pain of loneliness, beckoned.
She inched closer, to tread the same path he took.
Her stomach churned as images of his dismantled body flashed before her.

She wasn’t weak enough.

[Would love to know your interpretation.]

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day 2013
Written for WriteTribe


  1. Very powerful words. yes, such harsh decisions are made in a moment of weakness.

  2. A moment can change your life forever!

    Good one!

  3. Powerful and thought provoking. She is seeking inner peace she couldn't get on earth with judge mental attitudes. Lets make the world a better place. Well, she made a choice!

  4. Rajlakshmi, this is very poignant. Very sad! It is unfortunate that some people resort to this awful practice. How will the family react!!

  5. A very interesting post. The story is open for interpretation,and the impression it gave me was that she did not follow his path. She wasn't weak enough. She had the strength to face the difficulties in life. Even though she contemplated ending it all for a moment, I guess she didn't do it after all. Good one :)


  6. @Jyothi
    indeed. thank you for visiting :)

    thanks a lot :)

    thank you for your interpretation :)

  7. @Usha
    Indeed, one decision that can leave a family distraught for life

    thanks for visiting.

    thank you :)

    Bang on. That's exactly what I meant :D thanks a lot for visiting :)


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