Jinxed Genes

I humbly agree that I am a narcissist, can’t help it, I just love talking about myself :P Be it kitchen blunders, general disasters or my smarty pants siblings, I can go on and on. 

Since this is the start of #WriteFestival and the theme is Seven, I thought why not introduce myself in as normal way as possible.

1) God must have really jinxed my genes. Who gets a motion sickness while watching 3D movie? I mean what the heck!!! I have watched Avatar and Harry Potter with glasses over my forehead and have to buy a DVD of every fricking 3D movie. Seriously, technology repels. The last time I tried braving through a 3D movie, my head started spinning right round right round.

2)  I might have mentioned this before too; I can’t see overturned footwear. Gives me Heebie-Jeebies. I feel as if sandpaper is brushed against my skin. This gets worse when I have to visit a friend, for I always find myself at their doorstep, arranging their shoes. Imagine if I visit a temple, I am pretty sure people will run behind me assuming me as a “chappal chor” :P Not that I am any sort of cleanliness freak who keeps all things in place. I throw my shoes around as soon as I get into the house, but they are never... never facing downwards. :P

3) I have a crazy temper. Do you know Medusa? The cursed chthonic monster with snakes in place of hair. (The Greek Gods used to give some fancy curses huh!!!) Well, if I lose my temper, you can actually see those snakes start hissing and crawling over my head. The funny thing is when my husband (then boyfriend) came to visit my dad for the first time, to ask my hand in marriage, my dad actually asked him in these exact words, “Son, I hope you know what you are getting into !!! ”. :P
{Image source - Google ... I don't look like this :P}

4) Remember the scene when Mr Bean goes all crazy in a perfume store (can’t believe I am comparing myself to that), I can tolerate my extremely stinking pair of socks but not the smell of perfume or any kind of fruity smell. Walking into a mall where the entrance starts with fragrance shops is like running a hurdle race - I take a deep breath and dash across the place in as graceful and ladylike manner as possible. :P

{Image source google - I don't look like this either}

5) A lot of people can sleep only in complete silence. I am no different. Once I had to take out the batteries from the clock because of ticking sound. And I always sleep with two pillows. The second one goes over my head. :P

6)   My words are stronger and louder than my voice. Which is sometimes scary, for others mostly :P

7)  And last of all, I am crazy, totally insane, takes me hell of an effort to keep a straight face and talk like a “professional” in my client office, but I love every bit of my “Mantally the sick” life :P

So how about sharing one of your weird characteristics?


  1. Hi Raji,

    Wonderful start to the Write Tribe Festival of words.

    Was smiling away at your wonderfully weird description of yourself and some of your traits.

    My first post for the festival is at http://mahabore.wordpress.com/2013/09/01/kumbhakarnas-sloth/

    PS: I know you probably read "Yours truly" at c2 blogs (emp id 272232). Well, am the brains behind that blog :)

  2. I was smiling and laughing as I read about your jinxed genes. I have OCD for keeping a clean home despite tiredness or a headache or paucity of time. I can rest peacefully only after seeing a neat and clean home.
    As for perfumes, well I cant stand them either coz I am allergic to strong smells/fragrances! :D

  3. My downfall is a dripping tap! However slow the drip, it drives me crazy until I get up and stop it!

    Nice to meet a new blogger cum fellow WT festival participant!

  4. Rajalakshmi, I know you as an excellent artist. Knowing more about your nature is interesting.

  5. Hahaha! That was great fun! And, btw, I DO I Do - Get motion-sick while watching a 3D movie - I can practically get motion-sick while dreaming of 3-D movies :)

  6. What, seriously 3D movies give you motion-sickness! I am hearing this for the first time. Loved your quirks and don't we all have our own set as well!

    Looking forward to reading more of the Sevens.

    Happy to visit your blog for the first time, Rajalakshmi.

    Joy always,

  7. LOL!! really? nausea with 3D movies? hehehe...that was one fun compilation!! btw, i can't sleep with the faintest of sounds too, neither with the faintest of light....!!

  8. LOL on the first one. And even i am miniature version of Medusa! And my Dad also used to comment like that once in a while.

    A wonderful start!!

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  10. Funny! Read all points with a smile on my face. I think we all have our set of weirdness. I can't see footwear turned downward too.

    I don't mind if somebody's using perfume(perfume is better than body odour), only condition is that they should use it in limit. Unfortunately, most people use it liberally. Sometimes I wonder if they pour the entire bottle at once over them. I can't stand THAT. :D

  11. I can nod at taht 3D movie thingy
    My head spins like anyyyyyythng when I watch 3D :D :P
    and I was laughing like anythng imagining in u with each point !

    Trust me every one is mantally sick one way or other
    BTW PERFUMES gimme migrane
    I stay atleast 10 feet away
    came from write tribe. GOOD TO KNOW UR Blog rajalakshmi


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