Bondi Beach, Sydney

It had been two years since I had visited any beach. So as soon as I figured out the directions to Bondi Beach from my place, I dragged my husband along with me to walk along the sea-shore again.

Google maps are a huge help to the direction-handicapped people like me. All you need to do is get into the right bus :) I took the bus from Darling Harbour, but a train too goes directly to Bondi Junction.

Clean white sand, the crashing waves, it was a delightful winter afternoon in Sydney, a huge respite from the cold and damp weather.

A street artist playing with fire


  1. Lovely photographs.. I sooooo love beaches.. Me and my husband are planning a similar trip.. Hope it turns out pretty soon..!

  2. Amazing photographs Rajalakshmi.

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  4. Thanks for the beautiful photos. We ourselves are beach bums. Did you guys swim? Is the water cold?

  5. Bondi is Amazing :) I went there when it was 48degrees C :) it is a hot place even otherwise na Princess??

  6. @Priya
    Hope you enjoy your trip :D

    thank you so much :D

    yeah the water was pretty cold. Didn't go for swim this time, bt maybe later on :)

    48 degree C !!! are you fricking kidding me!!! the way the temp. drops these days can't believe it can go that high!!!

  7. vibrant Blue as rightly said by Ajeeth .. awesome captures !!

  8. @ajeethboaz Thanks a lot :D

  9. @ajeethboaz Thanks a lot :D


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