Photo Blog - Burwood Park, Sydney

Burwood is about 10 minutes of walking distance from where I stay. We sometimes would walk down the tstreets, enjoying the tranquility of this suburb. There's a huge Westfield Shopping Mall conveniently located right next to the main road, which I frequently visit. Kmart has got some real tempting sale going on right now :)

The duck pond is an artificial pond, situated on one corner of Burwood Park which boasts of different species of Duck. One is a long beaked bird called Sacred Ibis that scared the living daylights out of me :)

The park is beautiful, lush green with a huge play area and benches on the sides for people to sit and relax.

This is a huge war memorial arch dedicated to soldiers who died in World War 1.


  1. Looks like a beautiful place. Thanks for the nice narration and the photos.

  2. Do you live in Oz? I did not know that. That is very interesting.

  3. @SG thank you :)

    @Amrit - yeah recently relocated :)

  4. Aus is a very photogenic country.....looking forward to more photo blogs from u.


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