Musings of a Nervous Wreck

The weather is mesmerizing and hopelessly romantic. As the rain hits down the window sill, silencing the cacophony of the city, my mind starts voicing out all the thoughts I have been holding up for so long. Today is the 5th day since I have stepped out of the house. 5 days I spent alone, just playing Farmville, watching videos, writing blogs. Now don’t let your imagination run awry. I don’t have any suicidal tendencies :P

It’s the lull before the storm. I still feel like walking in a dream. The past two weeks have been eventful. I shifted to my friend’s place, hubby went to visit his parents, my transfer got confirmed and this week I would be flying to a different continent, starting from scratch. The reality still hasn’t hit me yet. Things are moving so fast that I feel like living someone else’s life.

According to Murphy’s laws, all complications arise at the last moment. Hours pass in tizzy. You keep wondering, questioning your decisions, apprehensive about future and by the time day ends, your mind is boggled.

I am lucky enough to spend the last few days in the comforts of my friend’s apartment. Watching TV and worried dead. :P I am a tension box, I worry even if the I don’t harvest my plants on time in Farmville. But it’s convenient to worry sitting on the sofa than sitting on an uncomfortable chair in office fixing null pointer exceptions.

On Friday, I will be flying, that is if no more complication comes into picture. I am already a nervous wreck, so lets just hope for the well being of people around me, things go smooth.

This life has taken it’s toll me!!!


  1. All the best for this new phase of your life. I am sure you will make short shrift of it once you are in it and will harvest your crops on time. Don't worry!

  2. Very cryptic. Where are you heading and why?

    You will do fine I am sure.

  3. All the very best, girl... I'm sure it'll all work out for the best!
    By the way, where you off to? If New York, then we ought to catch up :)

  4. Wish you very best. Heading this way to leave your heart in San Francisco?

  5. A nice post. There are moments in every ones life when they feel as you are feeling now. Read some good books. , and watch some comic movies to divert your mind.

  6. thanks a lot everyone for the wishes :)

  7. All the best for new destination... Don't worry too much, nothings gonna change even if you keep worrying! So smile! :)

  8. yep..u r a wonderful person..good luck awaits u buddy:) take good care and best wishes alwys:)


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