Life - of invisible Eyebrows

I am not sure what happened during my childhood, but it looks like I did some serious experiments with my dad’s razor on my eyebrows or maybe God was really stingy when he was distributing eyebrows to my folks. Instead of applying a bow shaped layer, he just sprinkled some hair in some strange manner which settled half heartedly on the brow region.

And the best part is, you can’t even see them. I might be the only girl in the universe to envy Yakko. Atleast he got some.

Even stranger are my photographs ... somehow the brow part of the eye looks like Charlie Chaplin’s moustache. Mr God was trying to be comic on the wrong part of my face. Not that there’s any right part.

I remember when in school, the other girls had just started experimenting with waxing and threading, and how they would be ooh-aahing on each other’s eyebrow jobs, I came out as a major disaster figure. My eyebrows were the nightmare of all eyebrows. It’s like someone was trying to shave them off, but forgot halfway through.

My friends have often advised me to do threading. It is believed that it helps in hair growth. But I never had the courage to risk that. What if it doesn’t? I would end up looking like this

So goes on my life – with invisible eyebrows.


  1. Aa there are girls who want to get rid of bushy eyebrows and heres you. Look at the positive side; you don't have trim it often.

  2. Interesting post. You must be unique!!

  3. I had to look at your pic after reading this! I believe you are lucky and perfect! :)

  4. @Insignia - hehehe yeah thats true :P

    @Usha - unique .. not sure about me, but my eyebrows are unique for sure :P

    @Shilpa - hehehe :P thanks


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