Sunsilk Straight: Lock Kiya - Rock Kiya

It was a balmy evening; I was walking along the shore with my hubby (then boyfriend). The milieu was perfectly set for a lovely date, just like in movies, except the interval came a little too soon when a pretty girl of East Asian descent walked by us. My eyes were glued on her long straight hair waving in the wind. And then I realized my beau’s eyes were too fixated on her hair, he was so engrossed in "hair-watching" that he stumbled on a lump of sand and fell flat on the beach.

If looks could kill, my eyes would have been shooting daggers at him

I knew he had a thing for straight hair because of all the disastrous experiments he had done on his hair. He even bought a hair straighter. But after I burned his ear a couple of times while ironing, he gave up the idea of flaunting straight hair. Thankfully he cut it short but that’s when, unfortunately, his target became my long wavy tress.


My hair isn’t curly, they are kind of wavy. The top remains straight while the endings curl in all possible angles. The above incident was the last nail in the coffin. There are some decisions you shouldn’t take when you are angry.
One of them is ironing hair with a clothes iron, that too in Chennai. Of course my beau loved the newly straightened hair, but I could feel the heat travelling to my spinal cord and my nerves knocking at my brain asking “What the hell came over you!!”
I have to agree Straight hair does look good and since I got chubby cheeks only straightened hair suits my face type. But I realized a little too late that straightening hair with a heat is like a really bad hangover. What followed was weeks of rough and dry tentacles hanging from my head. If Medusa was alive, she would have looked like me.

Both my husband and I had given up all the hope to have straight hair but when Indiblogger sent me the gift hamper of Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo, I don’t know who was more happy, me or my hubby.


I totally loved the packaging. The shade of violet is eye catching and attractive. Co- created by famous hair stylish Yuko Yamashita (God bless her) who is an expert stylist and inventor of Japanese hair straightening process.
Price - Reasonable

Sunsilk Perfect Straight ShampooINR Rs 56 for 80 ml 
Sunsilk Perfect Straight Conditioner - INR Rs 56 for 90 ml
How To Apply
I rinsed my hair with lukewarm water, applied the shampoo and rubbed to get a thick lather. After washing off the shampoo I used a towel to slightly dry it. 

Then I applied the conditioner along the length of my hair with my fingertips. (Do not apply any conditioner on the scalp) I kept the conditioner on my hair for about 10 minutes and then rinsed it off.

My hair felt extremely smooth and smelled nice. I have dry and frizzy hair, but I noticed less frizziness as my hair dried. I didn’t even have to apply any serum to entangle them. Then I let my hair dry naturally (no blow dryers). Once dried, there was definitely a noticeable change.

The final verdictAs I said my hair is usually wavy towards the end, but after applying the shampoo they were no longer bending in odd angles, they were finally straight.

If that wasn’t convincing enough, my hubby gave one look at my hair and ran off to the bathroom with the shampoo. :P
You too have a look :D
PS - Having said all about, beauty and hair regimes,
Dear Girls always remember, true beauty lies within!!!


  1. Its nice to see....

    And yeah,hair issues do cause a lot of stress! :D


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