Shoe Mania

Some of the best things in life are free like love, family, friends and shoes. I am an incurable shoe-maniac and must have about 3 bags full of footwear. ♥♥♥

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Most of them are bought road side, which are of reasonable price and if luck permits last more than 4 months. Some are pricy and they see the daylight only once in a blue moon.

When I see a delightful pair I literally go  :D

Since sandal-disasters hit me almost every week, I always carry a fevi-quick with me, just in case I need to fix one. That somehow make by shoes last a little longer.

My fetish for shoes is insatiable and so I am always in pursuit of unbelievable discount offers or sale. Yeah, the sale season is my favorite season. But in a city like Bangalore a lot of factors like traffic, long queues, summer heat dampens my shopping mood. 

That’s when online shopping comes into picture. Just last week I bought an amazing pair of Jove Black Belles from Flipkart. It took just 2 days to deliver at my doorstep and the best part was I got 20% off. 

There are many sites that are selling products at a rate which is affordable. Cuponation is one such site where you can get discount coupons on wide range of items from different online stores like from Flipkart, Myntra, Naaptol, BestStyle, Jabong etc.  The shoes and bags sections currently provide 60% discount coupons from Flipkart and 50% from most of the other retailers. You just need to get the coupon number, the site will redirect to the retail site of your choice where you can paste the coupon number while checking out the product.

I guess it’s time to revamp my shoe section, of course to the utter disappointment of my husband. But I am sure he would jump in too if I buy him a pair of Woodlands. ☻


  1. We women love shoes! Shoes have the power to change the way you feel... they can transform you in a second... sporty or elegance, height and power too! :)

  2. you rem the last scene in "Confessions of a Shopaholic" the one where she walks past all the stores whilst the mannequins call out to her and she ignores them! yes!! thats what happens to me when i walk past any shoe/bag stores :P

  3. nice,

    fetish is important..
    every individual should have a passion to live cheerfully


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