Mushroom Capsicum Curry with Fortune Rice Bran

When you are one of the people, who get involved in kitchen “katastrophes” almost on weekly basis, taking part in a Food contest is like acting in comedy circus.

But nothing can deter me from trying, be it chipped nails or finger cuts. So off I went buy Fortune Rice Bran health oil (along with some band aids). :)

Fortune Rice Bran Health oil is known for its health benefits (you can read about it on their site click here ), so I thought of preparing a recipe that would complement its nutritional value, so tadada ... a Mushroon Capsicum Curry.

I believe this is one of the best recipes for lazybones like me who struggle to prepare food without turning the kitchen into a major disaster zone. Both Capsicum and Mushroom gets quickly cooked and the best thing is, even if the capsicum remains a little raw, it tastes good nevertheless.

My husband somehow loves this dish (and you thought that love can only make you blind huh ;) ) So here we go...

Mushroom Capsicum Curry


Cumin seed
Mustard seed
Ginger Garlic paste
Chopped Green chillies – 3
Boiled Potatoes – 1
Chopped Capsicum – 3
Chopped Button Mushroom 6-7 normal size
Chopped tomatoes - 1
Chopped Onions -1
Salt, Garam Masala, Turmeric,
Chilli Powder – According to taste
Coriander and Paneer (optional) for garnishing.

    a) Pour Fortune Rice Health Bran Oil in a pan.
    b) After the oil has heated, add mustard seed, cumin seed and green chillies.  
        Saute till chillies turn light brown.
    c) Add onion,  ginger garlic paste and salt. Cook till onions turn golden brown.

    d) Add tomatoes, cook for a while, then turmeric powder, chilli powder and garam masala.

    e) Cook in low flame till the mixture turns into a thick paste.
    f) Add boiled potatoes and mix well. If required add little water and smash the potatoes.

    g) Once the potatoes have mixed well, add capsicum and mushroom.
    h) Heat in low flame till mushrooms have cooked.
    i) Garnish with coriander and Paneer (optional).

    Serves - 3


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  1. Like the way you have arranged onions tomatoes as a smiley! :)

  2. Looks wonderful and healthy...Thanks for sharing this :)

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