A Cheesy Affair

It was a balmy evening of 2010 September when I first met her. She was so different that I wasn’t even sure if I liked her. Her distinctive looks and over-the-top tastes were what I noticed immediately. Over the years, it was a fascinating experience knowing her. I remember the first time I introduced my fiancé to her, the uncertainty of whether he would like her or not was nerve wracking.  She had become an important part of my life and my fiancé realized that too.

I am pretty sure he didn’t like her but he knew better not to say it aloud. :P
Last week had been very disappointing, its appraisal season after all, so before I ruined the weekend with my killing mood swings I decided to visit her. It had been a long time since we had our cheesy talks so we drove to her place.

She looked absolutely bewitching. Time didn’t have any effect on her. It was then I realized how different I looked since our first meet. For the first time I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to meet her.

And as I entered her gorgeous place, my mind was already tizzy.

It kept reminding me of my Chubby cheeks and paunch– the deadly sign of IT, while my heart was somersaulting in excitement. The tug of war between the heart and mind is undoubtedly always won by the heart.

So when I ordered Cheesy Potatoes along with ten other things, my mind went “No, not the cheese you pumpkin” while my heart went “Yes, that’s my girl”

Finally, there I was with a tray full of my favorite Qusedilla and Nachos from Taco Bell. A perfect reunion.

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  1. ayoo! I thought you were writing about your dog or something :-)

    and good to see some prose from you ;-)

  2. I liked the quirky sense of humor in this post. Always have loved your writing style Raj :)

  3. lol!! What tasty twist to the tale :D

  4. bhakkkk... i thot u were writing some incident between u and the biker.. poora thappp kar di tu... chamarrr!!!


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