Workaholic- Who Me!!

To act like an obedient child is tough, not to forget extremely dangerous. But last month, when I was at home, I decided to risk my life in order to give some respite to my aging (she’s gonna kill me) mother :P , a la Nirupa Roy.

Well she grabbed the opportunity and asked me to sweep the bathroom floor. Within minutes I jumped into the bathroom armed with a Mopper. Seconds later an even higher jump was made by a shrieking yours truly because a certain Mr Bumble Bee was sitting on the handle of the mopper and  my hands rested right on its tail.

Oh the flurry of activities that followed!!! The whole household came running to the bathroom thinking I was bitten by a snake, that too a king cobra. (Blame me my histrionics sometimes goes out of control). ;) Dettol, bandage, cream – one after the other were applied, while I sobbed and watched. My poor delicate Mehendi stained finger!!

The most terrifying moment was when I saw Mom with a dagger the size of her arm. I don’t know where all she find those things.

Give me your hand”. I was pretty sure she was going to do a Saw 7 on my finger.

Mom what are you doing?”, I screamed out of the room.

She ran after me, “Let me rub this on your finger”

“Mom, do you realize that if you rub that thing, I won’t have any finger left”.

She almost ROFL at my expression. “Beta, rub the blunt side, it will ease the pain”

Crazy Lady!!!

But voila, it worked. I furiously rubbed the blunt side and the pain was gone.

Since I was so adamant on being a good girl, I chose a less dangerous chore the next day. Doing the dishes would certainly not make my finger swell into a cucumber.

But when the Borosil glass cracked and broke, slitting the corner of my little finger, I was confident – I wasn't a bad child, I wasn't lazy and I don’t reject work, Work rejects Me :D


  1. when we were kids , this is what was told if stung by a bee, remove the KADA we wore and rub it off :)

    hope your finger is fine and now swollen up


  2. @ Bikram,Yes, even we used to do that... guess iron has some role to play!

    @ Raj : Enjoy your time at home and revel in all the pampering! LOL @ works rejects me! :D

  3. It's always scary..I remember how I would freak out when Mom would rub something on injury and it would burn like hell. I would blow air on the wound..crazy me!!


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