Quilling Miniatures

Here's  some of the Quilling 3D Miniatures I made over the past weeks. I always think of posting a tutorial but forget to take pictures. :( 

In case you want to learn more on quilling, drop in a message at my page :) The Art of folding a Paper. I would be happy to assist. :)

The Gossiping Birdies

Do-re-mon :D

Happy Sunday :D


  1. OMG! Still you are into Origami huh?? super yaar.. :) im came back to bloggin after a yr..n stil i remember ur blog cuz of origami.. hehe...

    its really nice... these bird r wonderful... :)

  2. That's quite some meticulous work. Love the crane with yellow wings....

    hmhm... And just like anoop, returned to blogging after quite a while. came here following an old comment of your at my blog.

    How are you? Doing good- I suppose. :)

  3. I would definitely love to learn.. please post the tutorial sometime :)

  4. Whenever I see your updates, I sigh! When will I start making such beautiful creations? I admire your dedication

  5. @Anoop
    Glad to see you here after a long time :D yeah I am very much into it now :P totally addicted :D
    thanks a lot :D

    thank you so much for your kind words :D

  6. @Dew
    Most of the time I forget to take pictures while making .. my bad :(
    still I can provide links to some of the tutorials. Thanks a lot :D

    thank you so much :D GLad that you liked them :D


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