[Quilling]::Garden on the Rock::

I am pretty sure my flatmates are going to kick me out of the house. My craft area is no better than a ragpicker’s bag. Bits of paper that I refuse to throw away, rocks and dry stems, caps of container, plastic that is used to tie bags in supermarkets – it’s a total chaos of Khachara. Well, whose gonna explain to them what all goes inside this “Beautiful” Mind :P

I went for jogging last weekend with my Lab Sirius. There were lot of local dogs around so to scare them I started looking for a stick – and lo behold – I spotted it, in perfect shape, with just the right amount of branches – my future cherry blossom tree right in front of my eyes. Now if I got the tree, I need to find a base too – a beautiful rocky base. I don’t know how I looked; scavenging through mount of rocks near the road construction site, but the next moment biker was dragging me out of the place with threatening stares. :P
Well I did manage to find my perfect rock.
Took me 8 hours to complete  – My “Garden on the Rock”

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  1. This is lovely , have you thought of actually selling them or putting them on sale or exhibition


  2. awesome friend..amazing creativity u have..keep it up..

  3. Lovely work. Very creative :)


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