[Waste Paper Management]:: Flower Tutorial::

World Environment Day was celebrated on June 5.
I made a bunch of flowers for the day.

1) The flowers are made from marriage invitation card which was cut into thin strips.
The paper strips were then rolled into loose coils by a quilling tool (as shown in step 1) and then pressed into shape.

2) Once all the flowers were ready, the stems and leaves were made. I collected 3 printed A4 size paper from office, colored them with poster colors and then cut them into thin strips. Two strips were glued together to make the stem sturdy.

3) The vase is a plain paper cup that we use in office to drink tea and coffee.

Pretty easy huh!!! :) 

Here's the Complete look :D


  1. NOW this is a brilliant tutorial .. I shall print this out and put it in my office :)

    where do i get this quilling tool , what is it

  2. Hi Rajlakshmi,

    I am so glad that I found your blog again. I was a silent reader for more than a year now ( via BLog's blog), but after shifting to new office, I completely lost your blog url.. blog hopping and I am here. This pic is just tooo good that I can't resist commenting :)

    As the previous commentor has asked, it will be great if you could post on various quilling tool and the availability in India so that many of your readers will be benefited :):)

  3. Wow! They seem to be really simple, yet beautiful! Thanks for sharing some simple trade secret of yours Raji :)

  4. Thanks a lot Bikram and Ramya
    Will put more details in the next blog or sure :D thanks for suggesting :)

    hehehe thanks a lot :D

  5. just awesome!!


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