[Star-Gazing]::Of Sirius and Spica::

Finally Bangalore is turning back into a habitable place. The rains have done magic on Bangalore’s weather and people’s mood. The only thing I miss though is sky watching and star hopping. March was the month when my craze to locate constellations and planets was at its peak. I was obsessed. The guys in LR will kick me if I start blabbering again on Saturn and Spica.

Locate Spica, and you could see Saturn smiling next to it :)

When I read that Alpha Centauri is not visible in the northern Hemisphere, my heart crashed into million pixels .. sigh now how am I supposed to hop to Australia!!

In brief, I spotted the 4 planets visible to naked eyes – Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn

And constellations – Orion, Taurus, Gemini,  Big Dipper, Canis Major & Minor, Auriga and parts of Leo, Bootes, Lepus because the Bangalore sky wasn’t that clear.

If you too want to star hop, you can start from here –http://www.astrocentral.co.uk/starting.html

Moon, Jupiter and Venus.
{If only i had a better camera or maybe a telescope}


  1. That is lovely! Enjoy gazing at the sky while the weather lasts.. =)


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