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Often I have come across logo designs that have rendered me speechless by its extreme creativeness. A design that captures the complete essence of the product, that defines its existence and people start relating the graphic symbol with the brand. Take the example of IBM or Microsoft. I never get tired of marveling at the talent of the logo designer who come up with something so creative and unique.

Another logo I found is that of coffee nerd. I just loved how the coffee forms the glasses. Brilliant isn’t it!!

While some of the logos are pretty much straightforward, others go a step ahead and use the concept of negative space, where the blank space is used to create an illusion or a word.

Take the example of 8 Fish - the spaces in between are used to form another set of fishes, the impressive smart Dog logo – where a dog peeps between the words or the secret ED logo.

Have you ever noticed the bear in Toblerone logo. The company originated in Bern, Switzerland, which was famous for Bears.


There’s another category of logos called Dynamic logo -  designs that change over time. Take the example of Google or MTV.

The process of creating a logo involves a lot of effort. The designer has to be aware about the company’s policies and concepts and also should know the target audience, which basically covers people across nations. One has to think out-of-box and innovatively to create logos that could impress generations.


  1. what a coincidence , I jsut put a contest on the logo's of companies :)

    have another set to go with tooo , will put them up soon

    interesting the logos are


  2. Very creative and interesting logos!! Coffeenerd and black Dog... simply awesome!

  3. //Have you ever noticed the bear in Toblerone logo. The company originated in Bern, Switzerland, which was famous for Bears.//

    there is a fish too.. :)

  4. Nice post. I think of two other logos that may deserve a mention here: Lindt and Dove.

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