::Toes over Head::

The images of black hole and supernova fascinates me, I can admire the innovative and delicate shapes of perfume bottles lined in cosmetic stores for hours, strangely I hate perfumes, naah can’t even bear the smell. The vibrant colors of nail polish fascinate me even more, though I just prefer baby pink for my nails.

My craze for nail polish reached its height when I was climbing the stairs of a restaurant. It was pretty crowded that day. The lady in front of me was wearing a lovely shade on her toe nails. And I wanted to have a closer look. She was walking pretty fast so I had to catch up. With my eyes concentrating on her toes, I don’t remember how many railings I hit or how many persons, but finally managed to see the color. It looked beautiful.

But no I won’t buy that, doesn’t suit me. :P

What’s life without being whimsy – as Sheldon says in Big Bang Theory.

(my cousin trying his photography skills )


  1. Don't know what to comment..it is a women thingy..

  2. sheldon rocks!

    reminds me of spock

  3. Nail polish is no for me. Though I have my favorite perfume that I indulge in though its expensive. Thats ok!


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