River Rafting in Dubare

On the way to Coorg, we decided to go for river rafting on the river Kaveri.
River Rafting in Dubare – That was one thrilling experience. We went for 7 km run. The rapids weren’t that fiery but powerful enough for a fresher like me. There are places in between where the current is not strong and swimming is allowed. Inspite of my zero knowledge in swimming, I jumped into the river, twice. Somehow managed to keep my head above water. The feeling was awesome.
Ohh we got stuck between the rocks too and the guide had a hard time. Rowing for 7 km isn’t an easy job. I did chip off a nail, not to mention the muscle pain the day after,  but definitely worth it.


  1. Rafting is super fun...Wear a life jacket and jump to explore. Nice shots...

  2. oh we missed visiting dubare forest during our coorg trip. Has to go their again !!
    How could you jump in unknown waters without knowing swimming. Seeing the pics u posted it seems like a heavy flow of water.

  3. Hope you had fun. I rafted for 30 kms on Trishuli in Nepal; it was out of the world.

  4. Bravo! Well done. When I went rafting in Dubbare, it was similar to boating -- no rapids at all. Glad u had better luck.

  5. looks very beautiful... we are planning for a trip near coorg.. this sounds interesting :) :)

  6. Coorg was one of the best and relaxing holidays I ever had! But we missed out on the rafting as we reached off season and rafting was shutdown. Would love to try it someday though. :)

  7. I got to go there tooo someday ..
    you had fun and the pics are beautiful...


  8. Simply awesome and thrilling experience it must have been!! Damn cool!! :)

  9. wow! rafting on coorg! that must be so much fun isnt' it?
    I have always wanted to do white water rafting, but the fact, that I don't know swimming put me back! Nice pics!

  10. Awesome pics. I wanna do river rafting some day:)


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