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During my last visit to Bangalore, I visited Bannerghata National Park. 

A glimpse of the Safari Ride that I enjoyed so well  :D

The forest looked looked mesmerizing ... 

Aha, a lone rider, Mr Bear was really shy, ran away as our bus approached

The Elephant Family kept to themselves, munching on the greens.

This one was one grumpy bear .. don't blame it, life behind barbed wires isn't all hunky dory.

The lions were playful and jovial, among themselves not with us :)
Look at this pair, how adorable :

Look at this beautiful creature ... Breathtaking...
This was the first time I had seen a white peacock, I was speechless by the beauty it possessed.  It was actually dancing and flaunting it's amazing tail, just before the rain started. I clicked this after the rain had stopped.


  1. Wow elephants....and so much...

  2. Loved all of them, esp. the playful lines :)

  3. Wonderful Pics Rajlakshmi:) Loved the white peacock and the playing lions:)

  4. Nice captures. But I must say that Bannerghatta park is not being maintained well. With real estate going that far, settlements near to the park has become a threat for wildlife there. I recently visited the park. My previous visit was when I was a 8 year old kid. This time I wasnt happy. The animals were not well taken care of. Their lair was stinking and the animals looked tired.

  5. Nice pictures.

    Seems so lovely and calm in the an urban jungle.

  6. Thanks for visiting my photoblog. Love all the photos from Banerghatta Park. I was there last year and enjoyed the safari! Loved it :)

  7. I have only visited one park in India: Keoladeo (Bharatpur), but there were no lions or bears... :-) It was a wonderful place though.

  8. Didn't even know that white peacocks exist. Lovely captures, wish you had compressed them. Took a long time to load.

  9. elephants and Lionesses wowo.. the peacock looks beautiful toooo


  10. I've never heard of a white peacock. So glad that you shared it with us! Poor grumpy bear.

  11. Great shots .I loved those playing lions and also the peacock .

  12. Briliant pics! Oh and the peacock is sigh. Beautiful.

  13. great shots.. especially the lions playing around.. and yeah.. the white peacock.. a rarity!!!

  14. lioness!!lioness!!lioness!!



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