::Of Shivering chicks & Laddus::

Shivering Chicks
My brother, currently in the 4th year of his degree, often deal with cases brought to the medical centre of their college. For those who are new here, he too is studying veterinary science like my sister.

One fine day, there came a case of ‘shivering chicks’. Four little chicks, drenched in water, immobile by cold, were brought to their medical centre for vaccination. The owner, totally lacking in experience, in an assumption that only clean animals should be brought to doctor, washed the poor chicks with surf – twice.  Brother, taken aback by the condition of those little creatures, had to dry them in the sun. The owner was told to bring them again for vaccination once they regain their health, and of course not to give bath to the already sparkling chicks 
Laddu and Dogs

My sister sometimes has to answer a lot of coplicated queries. Just the other day she got a call, in the middle of the night, by a worried owner of a Pommerian,
“Can I feed laddus to my dog?”
Sister, totally confused, “yeah sure, what does he usually eat?”
“Laddus. He only eat laddus.”


  1. interesting experiences of yr siblings...thanks 4 sharing buddy..i luv to read abt this kind of daytoday happenings..cheers..

  2. I have started to follow your blog.I liked the post detailing the amusing incidents.

  3. hahaha...so cute little incidents:) Keep sharing such trivialities:))

  4. Of shivering chicks and laddus!!! hee hee hee.. an interesting header that one.. and even more interesting narration of the chicks being put out to dry.. and laddus being fed to the not so calorie conscious pomeranian!!

  5. An enjoyable read .My lab is totally vegetarian but i never tried giving him laddus ...hee.May be it's time now to offer him some.

  6. He he he he Interesting :)

    made me smile the Laddu incident...


  7. Haha! This was an interesting read, and title :)

  8. ha ha... a Pomeranian that only eats laddus... that is one helluva dog... :)

  9. hehehehe....

    the incidents are really funny, guess u shud send them to Readers Digest to be published under "All in A Days work" :)


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