::Of Hot, Love and Clouds::

From Chennai to Nagpur to Hyderabad to Bangalore and back to Chennai – Love does make the world go round. Biker was not in pinkest of health so had to urgently plan a visit to Nagpur.

If I say Nagpur is scorching hot, it will be a gross understatement... The moment flight captain announced the outside temperature was 44 degree Celsius, I knew this wasn’t going to be an easy trip.

My bones – nurtured among the cool winds of Himalayan range – started melting the moment I set my foot on the Maharashtra soil. The sun was mocking me brutally “So you thought Chennai was hot, what about this my little grumpy girl”. It took approx 35 min for AC to make its presence noticeable.

Whatever may be the weather outside, to see Biker –even fairer than before {jealous me} – smiling and driving the car, was a huge relief.  Love is indeed crazy.

Here he is, munching the mangoes.

The dark clouds aren’t the rainy ones, but appear so because of pollution.

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  1. Creative pictures. I have hard time bearing heat....

  2. Love can always make you go nuts:P Hot Indian summers....hmmmm... not so delightful. But the pictures are!

  3. I have been advised not to come in heat full stop , i have fallen sick a few times now ..

    the mangoes look lovely ...

    all that is apollution OMG..


  4. nagpur is crazily hot and this time of the year... my friend who is from nagpur says ..nobody gets out of the house at noon time due to heat.. my sister went there last year in this month.. and came back with minor skin-burns... its crazy hot...

  5. Oh, it's hot everywhere... a few degrees here and there!!
    That's pollution?? My God!!

  6. Ah! what loev makes u bear ;-)

    The heat here is unbearable for sure!!! :(

    The 2nd pic is awesome!!!

  7. Now I want to eat a mango too!

  8. Aww my my! I was supposed to visit Chennai next week but I am warned nt to! And you say Chennai is better! Phew!

  9. Nice pictures of the clouds and the fresh mango:)

  10. too hot in pictures but picture looks awesome


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