::Suffering in Silence::

I was going through my sister’s album of her North-India trip, when I chanced upon the above picture. Moving!!!

She also brushed some of her veterinarian sentiments on me. One fine day when I was going through her Sanctuary , a magazine on wildlife, the below picture caught my attention. I am not sure how many of you have seen this before or how much it appeals to you, but I was mighty impressed by the concept, by the power of the message and the brilliant presentation.

The First picture 

The man is painted on a transparent sheet,

so when you turn the sheet over, it becomes :

Its time to take a side now!!


  1. the picture says it all. Thanks for sharing

  2. Amazing pic & a brilliant way to put across the message!

  3. Woww! Loved the way the msg is conveyed! Thanx for sharing.

  4. I hadn't seen it before. It is thought provoking...

  5. Be kind to all and the world will be a much better place.

  6. Oh thats a good one.. i liked the way the person changes ways .. hope this is true out there in the wild ...



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