::Heels that Kills::

My sister has this huge collection of footwear starting from flats to colourful ballerinas to killing heels … If only my feet weren’t so dwarf-like and if only I wasn’t a gauche in carrying them, I would have flicked two or three pairs

Ohhhh these boots swept me off my feet… Irresistible… adorable :D … and I fell in love all over again … but soon I realized what one sided love feels like …I could hardly walk 20 steps in those without staggering and slipping. Somehow made it to the dressing-table and Oh My!!! they looked amazing but as the fate may be, these dumb things ruthlessly rejected me … while my sister got another opportunity to show off … “Di, I can even run in those … ” bah airhead!!! Ohh my poor broken little heart!!!

I did manage to wear one of these in my Mahi’s wedding, and believe me I could do a better river-crossing than stride on heels. My calf muscles were killing me and the little finger on my right foot just went numb.

Lesson: Style over comfort is never advisable. I tried telling that to my sister and she retorted back in phoren accent “Di, these are not made for you … why don’t you try the Grandmother’s section!!! ”. Kids these days !!! {rolling eyes}

Wanna see my latest buys … I call it – The level zero collection … my sister would have termed it – Below my level collection.

How can God be so unfair? I left a piece of my heart in my sister’s shoe-rack.


  1. OMG.......
    look this video, High heel fail http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyUDmmuzdMA

  2. Thank you for dropping by my blog... :)


  3. Hahaha...poor you! But count yourself blessed...Less heels means more comfort and less back pain later on:) Be comfortable in what makes you comfortable. As for the shoe fetish, do some window shopping and RIP...Amen!

  4. I too belong to the level zero group...and I do envy those who can manage pencil heels..

  5. Hehe! I am comfortable with heels, but I prefer platform rather than the pencil one! :p

    I like it simple and elegant, just like the middle pair from your "Level Zero Collection" :)

  6. I love wearing heals, but with my height, I feel so awkward if I wear one, and walk! So I prefer flat ones better!

  7. Awesome collection there :)
    Loved the way you've photographed them :)

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  9. we both share the same emotion my girl.

    I wish i would walk around in those heels i gawk at while window shopping. I wonder how these celebs dance for hours wearing those.

    New in here. wud like your comments and if good enuff a follow up :)

    keep bloggin, keep writing.


  10. last words: awesome!

    And your sister's collection sounds *sigh* lovely.

    I love heels too, but i prefer the comforts of flats or wedge heels. I dont want to be introduced to the earth unceremoniously. :P

  11. Poor thing! Definitely never compromise comfort for style. I do have some pencil heels and boots but I wear them once in a while. They are not meant for everyday wear and with our commute and the condition of the roads; they are best used when you dont have to walk wearing them for long

  12. Oh I am totally like you in this case!!! Whenever I wear heels I feel it would be my last day on earth! :D

    But ur sis has a good collection for sure :)

  13. I am ALL FOR SHOES!! Any kind!! :) with over 50 pairs, I can never say no to another one... hehehe
    Ofcourse when it comes to heels, just a coupla inches is fine by me :)
    But mojris continue to take my breath away... :))
    Unfortunately, I too have baby-feet... :( So choosing footwear for me is a HUGE task!! (sigh)

    Loved your sister's shoes though!!

  14. I always wonder how to ladies manage to walk .. its so uncomfortable and bad for feet tooo ..


  15. Ohhh my! Anyways, those flat chappals aren't that bad after all...I like the left one the most:)

  16. i feel the same way about my sister's shoe collection :D my feet are hideous, i have a feeling i might have to get married wearing Converse because they're so broad

  17. Your sis is a lucky girl, Raj! At times, I too wish I could confidently carry off those towering heels, but then, I give importance to my back, and slip on my sneakers! :-)


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