[Photo blog]::The Taste of Southern India - Kanyakumari::

Waving rice fields, gushing waterfalls, glorious sunsets ... I got a taste of all of it last weekend ... 3 days well spent in the southermost part of India - covering Thirunelveli, Kanyakumari, Thenmalai ...

DAY 1 - Saturday

Clicked Near Nagercoil

At Kanyakumari ... :D
Wooohooo I finally visited the southermost tip of India. After reading so much about the place in our geography text books ... I couldn't hide my excitement when I actually saw these beautiful structures ...

Sailing towards the Rock ...


A view of Thiruvalluvar Rock from Vivekananda Rock.

Another view

At Vivekananda Rock

Where the three Seas Meet ...

I was waiting for this one moment ... to watch the sun go beyond the horizon... too bad it disappeared among the clouds just above it ...
This is the best I could capture :)

Photos - Clicked by my N73 and Digi Cam.

To be continued ...


  1. Wow...great shots
    thanks for sharing

  2. Amazing shots Lakshmi! Enjoying gazing through your lens!
    Loved the first one the most -- with lush green field and deep blue sky are remarkable, with the sketched mountains as backdrop!!
    Have been to kanyakumari years back, but never witnessed a sunrise or sunset!!

  3. what a beautiful place to just sit and stare

  4. I loved all the pictures. I have stayed in Tirunelveli for some time and used to visit Kanya Kumari quite often.

  5. Nice Shots.. never been that south... will definitely like to visit.. now that I've see these wonderful shots!!

  6. All the pics are beautiful... I especially like the one where three sea meet... :)

  7. Those were some amazing shots... ive added a few more places to my list of places to be visited in the next 1 year now :P

  8. such beautiful pictures .. i was in 7th class when i had gone there wowowow it looks so beautiful ..


  9. it must have felt awesome being to the southernmost tip of the Indian subcontinent :)
    Cool pictures Rajlakshmi..waiting for the next part :D

  10. those are wonderful pics Rajlakshmi :) especially the thiruvalluvar stautue from vivekananda rock... Its been quite sometime since I have visited the place... :( :(

  11. The sunset is the best in kanyakumari.. i hear the sands are unique and different, something due to the changing colors.. i am yet to visit them. nice photos..

  12. Yup Hema you are right sunset is best seene in Kanyakumari.
    kanyakumari tours


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