[Republic Day]::What's my Role?::

Wish you all a very happy 61st Republic day.

60 plus years!!! We have achieved a lot, degraded somewhat ... but still a lively bunch of people striving for the best ...

Let’s not rant on corruption or the milestones we reached. I have a lot of complains against the government and the people around us. But what did I actually do in my 20 plus years to make India the place I want to be?

Eve-teasing – sadly is a part and parcel of a women’s life. But to tolerate a lecher who has no control over his hands, and feels the women sitting next to him in a congested share auto as his private property, is not something I have been taught. A stern and loud Excuse Me and glare was enough to make him get down at the next stop.

I have read and seen enough to not tolerate such unwanted advances. You don’t have to lie low when your basic rights of freedom are threatened.

Begging is an offence and if you ‘helping’ them with money, you too are involved in nurturing it. I have seen a limping boy begging for food, run like an Olympic sprinter when a dog chased him. And no I don’t take pity on beggars at Besant Nagar beach whose population is rising like vegetable prices.

But I do donate, to old Age homes, to Everest and Outreach – groups that are motivated to impart education to children.

I don’t spit or throw garbage on road. Be it the bill receipt or plastic bags.

I never leave the tap running, ever since Doordarshan showed advertisements on save water.

These are few examples of the things we often curse about, and I am doing my part of not cursing but removing it. I know it’s not enough but then I won’t stop either :)



  1. Nicely put... Most of us just complain, "What can we do? The Government is to blame!!" and don nothing bout it other than grumble whenever we get the opportunity.. Its high time we put aside this attitude and followed your example.. This advice for me as well :D

  2. wow.. eve-teasing was the best part :D

    n do save water.. :)

  3. wonderful! now even if a tiny percentage of your readers follow what you do it will be great

  4. Happy republics day Rajlakshmi... :)

    Very nicely put...
    Though the challenges before our nation are huge and would take many decades yet it is important that we do our bit...

  5. good thoughts put up raji.That's how a true Indian should act ..start acting and stop blaming.We taking tiny steps would hep the society and our country.

  6. This is the best we can do. Do our bit and hope things will change.

    Even a grain of change would matter. Happy Republic Day

  7. I'm glad you are doing your bit...

    Each and every effort big or small counts.

  8. Good one...if everyone of us start making some efforts, I feel India will be a better place to survive..

  9. Good to know that you are doing your bit!! Kudos to you, girl!

  10. What you said was right - we ought not put up with nonsense in the name of being humble.

    Destination Infinity

  11. Unless we do our part, there is no use in pointing the finger to other person! Only then we get the sense of belongingness!
    Great going from your side!!


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