{Rants}::Mindless Musings::

There are times when you feel absolutely bored… frustrated… angry ... all those negative feelings combine together to form a new element of emotion that can be explained only as – "You won’t understand".

Mind looses power to think… or rather it thinks about a billion things at such an unearthly speed simultaneously that an impression of idleness is formed.

Java codes resemble a Dracula sucking away what could have been the best youthful time of your life … while bugs munch the leftovers of sanity … adamantly throwing exceptions, one after another at regular interval …

The cafeteria where once you delightfully had damp puffs and the clouds posed for you near the window looks like a wormhole … a portico, connecting your golden cage with the cacophonous world.

When you talk, it becomes Rant. When you smile, it becomes the artificial smiley. When you write, it becomes Ramblings and Grumblings. Your phone bills are soaring high, yet you feel stuffed with unsaid words.

Looking up at the same-old-moonlit sky, you pray for incidents to happen… something remotely out of ordinary. Sincerely hope , that your molecular duplicate on the other side of universe, in a parallel universe is not suffering the same fate.

She saved the document after pouring out her heart. Placed the earphones in her ears, and played ‘Super Massive Blackhole’ in her mobile, in an outrageously loud volume.

That silenced her mind.


  1. I ma having one of those moments i guess .. cant make head or tail of this piece of code that i am suppsoed to find a bug in :(


  2. See, you have the right solution.

  3. *poof*
    Are u sure u want Vampires like me flying by over here?
    coz i can clearly see tht u r not such a big fan of my mentor n guru Count dracula




  4. Aww dear, happens. My blood was sucked by the formulas in organic chemistry :P. But you found perfect solution.

  5. Happens with me, too.
    Yes, music is a great reliever :)

  6. :) haha.. happens with me all the time and is happening even today.. frustrated :(

  7. now that you have put up a post after this, I guess you are out of the sad/bad mood ! :D :D Hope all eej well ! :D


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