::An eventful Weekend::

Whewww it feels great to be back in my virtual world :D after a crazy week and even more crazier weekend :D finally some rest.

Went to Guwahati on Saturday, shopped with sister dear, had delicious momos, stayed at my best friend’s place, and the next day went to appear for an exam, met collegemates ... (it was more of an unofficial meet than examination with screaming and photo sessions), bro dropped me at the airport and by 11pm, I was back in Chennai ...

These are the sketches made by my friend Mallika ... Kajol and Kareena - awesomely done ...

Gang of girls

I was at Guwahati airport when Sushil Kumar received gold medal for wrestling, telecast live on Doordarshan. And when national anthem was played, each one at airport stood up in respect.

My farm in Farmville is in ruins... going back to do some mending and repairing :D

Catch you all later :)



  1. Woww!!!!! Hope you had a great time & enjoyed with your Dear one's :) :)Beautiful Sketches Dear :) :)

  2. the sketches are superb, nice pics dear xx

  3. Glad you had a great time. The sketches are excellent.

  4. Wow! You seem to have had an awesome time! Always so with good friends! :)
    Those sketches are just gorgeous! :)

  5. welcome back...

    thats a welcome back to our blogs grin*

  6. sketches are good, in the left one I can recognise Kareena.

  7. Wowww sketches. Hope ur exam went on well :)

  8. Hey...nice small little post!! Loved it. Nice pics..loved the sketches. And wow...people actually stood up at the airport...that's amazing!!

  9. beautiful sketches but but the best thing is when you wrote that everyone stood up for the national anthem

    HAts to all of them WOWOWOW very gooood , excellent


  10. The sketches were really good ,nice work ,hope ur farms get back to shape soon :)

  11. The sketches are really awesome. You friend is very talented. Ask her if she will make mine :P?

  12. good sketching..real talent..

    take care of ur farms..

    and good thing that people showed respect to national anthem...

  13. Everyone stood for the national anthem without having to be told. Impressive indeed. :)


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