::As the clouds pass by- Revisited ::

** Unkowingly or knowingly, I have been doing a lot of skywatching these days

As the clouds pass by
thousand thoughts fly,
painting silver memories,


of unstated words and
passion suppressed,
behind the walls of
whitewashed dreams,


Whispering a secret,
caressing my soul again
the clouds pass by.

-Time can heal life-

** Photos clicked on different days from the same place - Office Pantry, through my N73
* Poem reposting from my other blog - The poetry wagon



  1. love all those cloud patterns...

  2. the cloud pattern is wow and a nice little poem to go with them ..

    goood hey btw a pantry in office i assume is to eat food not click pictures he hehe so where do u eat food ha haha :)

    Bikram's blog

  3. Woww!!!!!! Beautiful Write Up Dear :) :)

  4. Time can heal. I believe that too. Lovely pics as always :)

  5. Loved the pics and equally lovely lines. True, time is the best healer.

  6. Clouds and their patterns always fascinate me.. beautiful words to go with it.

  7. clouds are very photogenic..
    clouds and sky make a lovely couple.. he he he
    did they say cheese..
    ha ha ha

  8. You seem to enjoy ur times in ur office pantry :)

    nice pics btw :)


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