:Reason to Celebrate Daughter's day??::

The fourth Sunday of September is celebrated as Daughter’s day. I am not sure how many of us know about it, because I myself came to know about it yesterday through a blog. But isn’t it similar to women’s day ... then why a separate day for Daughters?

Are people trying to compensate for their atrocities towards women by dedicated each day to them?

With thousands of girls forced into prostitution, infanticide still prevalent in some parts of the country, where women are forced to abide my rules and their wings clipped before it unfurls, where a daughter is still burned for dowry, molestation and rape victims are tortured and ripped of their pride by the society ... Give me one reason to celebrate this day.

Of course I can celebrate my freedom, my dreams turning into a reality, the pride with which I live ... but I am not the only ‘daughter’ living here.

I think it was better if I was ignorant of this day ... because it has instilled in me anger and frustration against the biased society.

An incident that had recently happened just aggravates my anger.

My friend is working in a small company. One month back her manager had tried to befriend her, asking her number and also asked her out for lunch. She made some excuse and escaped. Then last week, he called a team meeting, after the meeting he asked everyone to leave except her. And then he proposed to her. The manager is married and is having children. Till this day, he has been continuously calling her. My friend is contemplating changing the number and quitting the job but her bond is becoming a hurdle. I am not sure how effective their policy is regarding harassment but for now resignation is the only thing she could come up with.

My pity his wife and his children.

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  1. That's sad. She should have slapped the manager right there. People like him only pollute the whole society.

    Good post Raji.

  2. Sad! Complaining to HR should help.

  3. I agree with Shilpa, complaining should help. It's a sad scenario but your friend needs to raise her voice against the harrasment.

  4. usually companies hv harassment policies..so she cud tak up the matr..
    it sucks hw men do such shit...nd scare girls off decent men...

    not all daughters r lucky to get freedom...mayb such days cud b used to do somethng for freedom instead of giving profits 2 gft shops...

  5. Very sorry for your friend. I don't know about India. Here in USA, there is EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). It deals with problems in work places including sexual harassment. Anybody can complain. You cannot be fired by the company or retaliated for complaining to EEOC.

  6. It is very difficult to work in such condition - she must gather some courage and lodge a complain against her boss or if resignation is the only solution ,she must expose her manager's true colors before she leaves the company.

  7. Sorry about your friend. You say your friend works in a small company. So I wonder if they have any Sexual harassment policy. She should seek HR's help.

  8. That's really sad!!

    She should go and ask for help in HR.

    This is just not done. Be a fighter.

    Happy Daughter's Day


  9. nasty-how some men use power to sanctify their roving eye.I think she shd raise her voice and let it be known to everybody before she resigns.

  10. She should make no delay in complaining to the HR!!!!

  11. I second most of them here; she should inform the concerned ! she could also lodge a complaint with necessary proofs (its not hard these days for that; what are mobiles for !)

  12. ya..vimuu has said it..and thas d best way..very good post ya...nice of u to highlight such a serious issue..take care friend.:)

  13. This really is sad but true. I was harassed (mildly) at a work place once, Left & didn't go back even though I had all the seniors calling me & mom. Maybe the funniest thing is instead of pulling the perpetrators up they tell us girls to ignore it & not bother about it!

  14. She should try to complain and may be go to his wife and tell her everything.

  15. very sad....she must have the courage to tell him this is not right and if he does not stop better quit the job and get a new one..atleast she will have a peace of mind

  16. that's really sad.. probably complaining to the next level manager might help.. she must do something about it rather than tolerate or resign the job.. really pity the manager's wife!!

  17. I would not call it sexual harassment, but it is harassment. But this is a case where she can handle herself. If she cannot, she cannot survive other workplaces either.

    Who is to blame? We got men staring at even small pieces of exposed skin. Isnt it the fake Indian morality that has been fed into every child in their childhood? These things will continue, no matter what, and there is nothing that anyone can do to change the mindset of the entire society.

    And yes, what if, it was the female boss harassing the male staff?? How many ladies will even call it harassment? I have my friend in a reputed MNC in trouble. This girl is madly in love with him, and she knows he is married. The guy have not shown any interest, and has been avoiding her. Now she threatens to suicide if he doesnt marry her.

    How many ladies will even call this Harassment?

    I respect the ladies. But, I cannot say we can treat both the sexes equally. Male species are no better or greater than the female, but female of the species are no greater either. You just cannot compare.


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