::Philosophers of My life::

Was tagged long time back in my corporate blog to write about Philosophers of my life... Here it is

Philosophy --- hmmm … man its so difficult to write on this topic… I sincerely avoid venturing into this area :P ... No Robin Sharma for me… may be I am too dumb for that level of thinking …I could hardly go past the contents section… neither I could follow Paulo Coelho … no matter with how much forced zeal and enthusiasm I tried to focus on Alchemist … I couldn’t find out what is in there that makes the world go crazy… { Cohelo fans please pardon this dim – witted silly girl… don’t chase me with brickbats… just an opinion of an ignorant mind}

Still I have got my own share of philosophers… who time and again have loaded me with philosophies enough to keep me dazed till my next birth

Shiv Kherano no I am not his follower… my Dad is…rather he worships him… and since my childhood I am fed his philosophies and motivational stuffs… when I got my first diary, Dad asked me write notes from one of this famous book… and since then I have been copying the same content over and over again in all the diaries that my hands laid on {just to improve my calligraphic skills}... and the only point that got etched in my mind was – Do not Nag
I was too small to know what it meant… but over the years when I could actually ‘see’ its meaning, I couldn’t deny how important it is when it comes in maintaining relationships and how it could change your look on life…

Dad‘…Everything happens for something good… ’ Out of all the lessons that Dad has taught on life and its intricacies, it is this thought that has shaped my optimistic view on life …
{although when faced with a tensed situation, all I could do is take a blanket, cover myself from head to toe and sleep … hoping that the dark clouds will pass over just like that :P }

My Friends – ‘Live as if there is no tomorrow’ … :D now this one strictly contrast with what my Mom taught ‘Save something for future…’ I often find myself in a tug-of-war between these two thoughts… though somehow I have learned to make a practical blend … but sometimes the former is too overpowering than the latter :P

And of course Life – it never stop teaching me lessons although I have no desire to learn…

Nothing is free ’ - not even air… For every liter of oxygen consumed, 5 calories are burnt… but seriously I have never got anything for free… never ever did my name appear in lucky draw… neither I ever came across a 10-rupee note lying on the road :P ... Although at the end of day I get what I wished for … but not until I have toiled enough to satisfy Lady Luck…

Sometimes I wonder how special life is … when compared zillions of lifeless particles floating cosmic-years away. In the expanse that even our mind cannot traverse … compared to the age of these known- unknown elements … we are just a tiny spec of just another element in just another dimension … but still we are alive… smiling and crying… admiring the beauty laid in front of us… then why bind ourselves to the philosophies … why demark borders for our mind which by nature is meant to be free…

If ever I got trapped in a black hole… and my whole life is played in front of me … I don’t want a moment in it where I could say… If only I could change it…

Note: kindly ignore the later parts if I sound like crazy :P

I won’t tag anyone – any one interested can take it forward :D


  1. Very written :) Yes...books...family...friends... they are the ones that influence our lives and philosophies behind them.

  2. baapre..brilliant thoughts ya...at this young age u r writing about this subject..impressed..keep up the cheers buddy.proud of u..:)

  3. loved your philosophies Princess :) :) Very nice :)

    Even I didn't understood Alchemist :) So some silly brainies are here :D :D

  4. Princess thinking a lot eh? :) Good one Raji. :) been so long since I've read any of ur works! :(

  5. Nice! You thought a lot about this, didn't you?! :)

  6. Nice post :) But I like Alchemist :) My friend tried reading it, but gave up after a few pages but I somehow just love the book.. I liked the later parts the best.. especially the last para :)

  7. later parts of this post, I mean *
    and you dont sound crazy.. I feel the same way!

  8. Very well written, Young lady

  9. Well it s beautiful how candid you are . Although in your poems , I see hieghts of beauty and insights ! :) May be it is your philosophy to be humble ..To be simple ..To not boast .. Yet to be ..philosophic

  10. Very nice read yaar :)
    You dont like philosophies but pen them down well :)

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  12. I am in agreement to your philosophies scially....verything happens for something good…

  13. I liked "Don't nag"...very profound it is!!
    I liked Alchemist... found it inspiring :)

  14. wonderfully written... :)

    i wud put Paul Coelho in that list for sure..:)

  15. A beautiful post Rajalakshmi :)
    Loved the sweet way you've included them all and how they've touched your life :D

  16. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/08/15/poetry-awards-4thursday-poets-rally-week-26-plus-more/

    Poets Rally Week 26 awards,
    5 of them,

  17. Such a lovely post.
    I am not too crazy about Coelho either. I prefer Richard Bach in that genre.

    My thoughts on one point:
    Save something for the future- means Money and related things.
    Live as if there is no tomorrow -means living life to the fullest. Nothing to do with money perhaps :)

  18. Very cute post I have to say. Liked the thought behind every philosophy. I don't relate to Paulo Coelho either. Btw, do dark clouds pass if you lie buried under a blanket .. I'd try it too ;-D


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