::Of cold, sickness and realizations::

My cough has entered fourth week, now it’s accompanied by back pain too... which is not getting any better. The kind of search result that Google throws on these symptoms is kind of scarring me out... so I took the best possible decision. I am going Home :D

Although I have spent the past 3 weeks shivering in AC cubicle, coughing and then rushing to pantry for hot water in case the music starts again {my water bottle has twisted into odd shapes because of that } and of course ‘timely’ medicines ... there are things I realised :P

1) Injections are still painful :P {gosh when are they going to make it Patient-friendly ... hmmppp so much for medical revolution}

2) Why old women lean on walking sticks... coz that relieves them from back pain :D I realised it just the other day {wait a minute- am I turning into old lady .... nahiiii aisa nahi ho sakta ...}

3) People actually care ... My lovely cubicle mate would often bring me hot water and accompany for tea breaks too ... and enquire about my health even during holidays :D thanks a lot dear
{and one of my friend, sitting on the other end of my cubicle seat, has threatened to build a wall between him and me :P in case the virus spreads :P}
4) Even the fever didn’t damp my Farmville spirit ...

As Anu and Megz , were busy discussing an extremely serious topic on guys, I couldn’t help but jump in between, begging for a nursery bottle :P ...

{I have successfully built my nursery too :D ... In case you are interested, please drop some bricks in my farm, please keep it gently in my gift box and not throw at me :P}

5) Zandu Balm really stings... especially when applied near the eyelid :P ...

6) For once I am enjoying the scorching scalding Chennai sun :D ... ohh it’s such a relief. The sizzling temperature, and warm breeze ... so refreshing :D ... and I got Vitamin D too :D all free ...

{Wondering about my sanity – I am on medications remember :P}

7) Over a period of time I realised, the tears that well in my eyes are not just because of cold, it’s because I am missing the homely care :D ... so Here I go...

Will try to keep the space updated :D
Till then tadaaaa :D
Take care ... Keep smiling :D



  1. I was reading the farmville status when you commented on my post :P

    take care girl..enjoy all the pampering while you can..I prefer injection to a medicine - anytime..and I hate Zandu balm too :P

  2. Take care...Farmville? I stopped playing it eons ago. And you are being cared by folks around you is awesome. Enjoy the care :-)

  3. Thats why one shouldnt work day in n day out of those damn AC cubicles...kabhi toh baahar niklo...atleast after working hrs :P
    Waise nice realizations there Princess!! :D
    And am facing the same...its 6 weeks n running houseful (not the nose :P but the cough!)...but thankfully silent in the cubicles!! :D
    Enjoy your stay at home...will miss u on the walls! :P

  4. buddy sad u r indisposed..but happy u r back in singara chennai....go to marina and enjoy the breeze...u will get alright soon...btw..u hate crows? oh my..y should u hate anything..hehhe

  5. Aww you poor thing! Thank goodness you are with your family now. Take care. Hugs.

  6. Despite all this your humor doesn't vanish..good for you :D

    eh so much addicted to farmville!! :P

    take care princess,...good reason to go home too :D

    i wish u recover soon but then enough days to be at home too :)

  7. oh sorry dint know u going 2 assam..take care..and haha...crows and ca cawwwwwwwww....

  8. get well soon buddy ..take care..


  9. its said ... injections give quick relief.. but slow healing aurved works for me...

    zandu balm near eyelid stings...uhhh..why?? near eyelids??

    and yeah truly....scorching heat does give relief when cold strikes...

    i think cold is spreading through blog posts.. even i have got it... *sneeze* .. i need to put up firewall... ha ha

  10. hey get well soon..
    yeah, i know of ur farming skills by now.. god blesss u..
    make india a grain rich country soon..
    n yeah, u are old now, good that u realized :P

  11. get well soon and come back soon ! :D :D :D

  12. Get well soon, girl!
    Some home time will definitely make you feel better! :)

  13. Take care and get well soon!! And a brick is on its way!!
    Cheers :)

  14. Back will definity hurt when there's a lot of coughing.

    Feel better soon...home care IS best! :-)

  15. Take care ,have a happy & safe journey :)
    Atlast am happy to hear something good about Chennai's heat :)

  16. I hope you are doing good now .. get well soon..
    and some nice pointers you put there R THEY TRUE :)

  17. Ohh hope u r feeling better now :)


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