::Little this and that - 2::

This is another filler post, as my mind is still filled with java codes... and if I write them here, only group of people that will enjoy are testers finding bugs...

I have already mentioned how possesive I am about my collection ... Have a look :)

My Disney sticker collection that I have been collecting since my milk started saying bye bye :)

and thats I precious stamp collection ...

This is how my Hostel room used to used like ... I would draw them and then later protect them from getting kidnapped by sneaking hostelmates :D


  1. Like me you also are a kid :P.

  2. Oh lovely collection :)
    The Stamps look alluring :)

  3. Very nice collection. Especially the disney stickers.

  4. oooo boy great stuff... the disney was nice!!!!

  5. Pseudo-Adults we all are!
    Loved the stamp collection, I also have that! :)
    Exchanging stamps used to be a HUGE thing when we were kids!

  6. Amazing. you are a kid!!

    Nice to continue with the passion.

  7. Wow! wonderful collection.
    Liked the Disney stickers and stamps :)

  8. Woww .. I luv ur collection :)
    Its so nice to keep it going :)

  9. That's a lot of things you collect!! Wow!!
    I used to collect stamps. And had a big collection. I wonder, where my stamps books are lying? :P

  10. this will make me sentimental...
    i lost my tazo collection to a raddi-walla(scrape paper collector).. i had hit it among my school books ...they went to him...
    also my chocolate wrapper collection... and my friendship band/greeting card collection was lost while shifting houses...

    ..you are one lucky..dedicated girl..

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