::Tagging along::

::Tagging Along::

Due to unexpected avalanche of workload in my java coded world, all three of my virtual space is suffering… not in number of posts but in replying to comments … With the limited time that I have in my hand, best utilization would be to read your blog than reply to the comments in my section. :) …

Tags are a good way to keep the blogs alive …

Was tagged by Insignia to write 7 things about me that people don’t know.

1. I love to collect things - starting from coins, stamps, stickers, tattoos, cards, teddy bears, diaries, pen, bags … remember those big babool cartoons that used to come with each piece, I have got a whole stack of them.

My stamp collection (specially 3D and triangular ones) is dearest  to me followed by my disney-sticker collection.

2. I never use perfume. Any sweet smelling thing gives me a severe headache especially fruity lip glosses and creams. My cosmetic products have got zero smell factor :P including oil and soap …

My Mahi (mother’s sister) would always warn me before travelling that she’s using a deo and that I should stay away from the danger zone… If by any chance there’s a slight hint of perfume on my clothes, that would go directly into washing machine for another 2 two hours.

3. I had some weird ambitions while growing up. One was to become a truck driver and roam around the country :D … well it still sounds appealing to me :P

4. There was a time, when I pledge to walk on Gandhiji’s path and never utter a word that is a Lie… Mind you that landed me in a lot of hot soup sprinkled with extra pepper … What am I now?? A smooth liar … Is this a Lie?? Go figure out :P

5. I find myself very very unpredictable… sometimes it’s scary :P

6. I can sleep only in silence... pin drop silence ... even the tick tock of clock disturbs me... during college days I used to take out the batteries from my alarm clock before sleeping. Besides, alarm clocks never got to serve their purpose, a rustle outside the corridor is enough to wake my precious sleep.

7. I must have said this before also... I am an incredibly credulous person... no matter how smart or intelligent or clever I try to act :P


  1. throughly enjoyed reading it :)
    btw its been a looooooooooooooooong time since i saw u in my blog...

  2. Those are interesting things!! :-)

    Thanks for taking up the tag.

  3. oh no..you cannot tolerate perfumes? this is sad..you are missing out on one helluva thing tch tch..

    I also used to collect stamps..but gave up half way when it became too much of work hehe

  4. very interesting dear, I have no time these days for any more memes lol, takes over your life xx

  5. I never use perfume either... I'd rather just smell clean, I think? ;-)

  6. Oh! U need pin-drop silence .. really?

    I am with u on 1 too :)

  7. really do not know how to work your comments page until i stumbled upon this ehem! anyway, i wanna thank you for your vote. nvr been able to leave people out from my list like the last time where until i clicked post did i realize i left megzone out! this time its you and i hv nvr been able to distinguish between rajlakshmi and destinys child the same way as i voted for hajikaram this time and gave another to dancing freak! they are both the same..haha!

  8. I am completely opposite sleeping, once sleep, i am dead... i do not wake up at all... seriosuly.. u know wot time i login in office...:P

  9. I loved reading your post! I too have a hard time sleeping with a ticking clock, silence is even harder I need some white noise.
    Have a great day!


  10. Nice one. Now we know a few more things aboout you.

  11. Love these interesting things about you!

  12. yayyyy she made u do it tooo :)
    well now we know a bit more about you... lots of interesting things

  13. Interestinggg.... i'm with u on the "perfume" thing :P ...

  14. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/06/18/the-perfect-poet-award-4-thursday-poets-rally-week-23/

    week 23 perfect poet award,

  15. After A Loooonnnnggggg Time You Are Here :) :) First & Foremost Was Very Glad To See You In This Space. I Enjoyed This tag Dear :) :) Good To Know About You :) :)

  16. zero tolerance to smells and zero tolerance to sound while going zzzz....wowie...You don't belong in our times *shakes head solemnly* :D

    cool tag!

  17. thorrowly enjoyed reading this and getting to know u... have read ur other posts and am enjoying myself here... and guess what am ur 100th follower! :D



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