::Tagging along II::

Jingle Tagged me to write 10 things that I love, here they are.

1) I love my farm and my adorable farm dog :P those these days haven’t been able to feed him well :P

2) Solitude relaxes me. After a hectic day, all I want is to be left alone... in my farm of course :D

3) I love to be praised... who wouldn’t you say... but still I just love it when people have nice things to say about me :D

4) It’s difficult to understand girls they say... and I love it even more when it’s me who creases other’s eyebrows :D

5) The sound of Rain makes me inexpressibly emotional. I love to sleep to the sound of rain falling against the window. It’s even better than silence :D

6) No comfort can beat the warmth of my bed at my home. I just love my room along with its messy decorum.

7) I love visiting different places... but hate travelling... the journey makes me sick...

8) Astronomy bewilders me... in a good way... I just love to think about the mysteries revolving around it and its unfathomable expanse intrigues me.

9) May be I have mentioned it before, I love beaches and the long drives.

10) I am excessively possessive about my collection. Totally in love with them.


Megz had tagged me long time back... the tag was to go to the 8th folder in my image folder, select the 8th picture and write about it.

Here is it. My Mahi (mother’s sister) daughter Maini ...taken a year back. Not much story behind it except that we asked her to strike a pose ...


  1. farmville lover, I see you on your farm all the time finding fuels and stallions :D it is an addiction but; I am outta it now :)

    those were nice answers re..and I loved the image of maini :)

  2. i was a big time farmville addict..there came a point where in i refused to go out with friends and family because that virtual khetibadi had to be harvested..phew!

    i think that was the point wherein i decided to cut off the addiction-i went off facebook :D

    nice list here..me likee!

  3. I luvvved pt.4 :) Yay to us ;)

    Very sweet pic .. luv the innocent post ;)

  4. Your farm!! Oh God! I somehow quit my farm, it was sort of getting on!

    Maini is cute!

  5. Cute Pic!!!

    You n your farmville addiction :P

    These days we are sleeping with rain pouring outside! Somehow I can not relax with that sound! I prefer pin drop silence :D

  6. Tag here to. Intersting though. And sweet little cousin.

  7. I gave up farmville...got too addicted and was wasting a lot of time :)

    Your cousin is adorable :)

  8. Ah! Farmville!! Why aren't we exchanging gifts!!??
    sending one right away!! :)
    And ditto on 2, 6 and 7!
    Cheers :)

  9. very interesting..keep up the cheers friend:)

  10. Nice to know about you.
    Your niece is a cutie pie.

  11. You are so adorable (Point 3)-I am being nice but I mean it! :)
    Solitude, beaches, the sound of the rain...Ditto. :)

  12. Hey thanks for that comment on my blog :) and i was quite astonished to see except 1 (i stopped playing farmville after almost 6 months of investment in farming :P) and 8 (dont understand much abt astronomy).. even I would hv written these points if I had to do the tag:D

  13. That was such a nice tag to read :)
    U surely are addicted to farmville..

    keep blogging
    cheers !!!

  14. very nice, cute pics, happy saturday xx

  15. Now I know what all you love. I will keep praising you. The kid is very cute.

  16. Farmvilla... i think, i should seriously give it a try :P.

    Every loves to be complimented i guess :).

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  18. Of course we'll praise you ;-) Just mention exactly how much each day..jusk kidding.

    Is it only me -- Maini is looking like a younger version of you. Cute!! Even cuter smile :)


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