Daddy, Daddy Cool!!!

Once upon a time, among the misty blue mountains, in the land of BoruahVille……

Daddy Dramebaaz

Aha… so you couldn’t find yourself a life partner… to which century you belong lady??? And what happened to the Prince charming on white horse that you so dearly waited for since I brought you that darned Cinderella story book?” … mockingly he asked.
Dad, I suppose he got lost in the woods.”

Have pity on your aging dad dear and find yourself someone. I don’t think arrange marriage’s ever gonna work for you
…” He added with his famous over-the-top exasperated expression :P


but don’t bring a haughty nobody Or I may not have control over my 7mm Remington Magnum …”

Aha!!??!!! {rolling my eyes}

{Mom, secretly standing near the corner, shaking her head furiously}

Our conversation regarding his future son-in-law would end even before it actually starts, to the utter disappointment of my Mom, to the utter delight of moi.

Dashing crashing driver duo.

Since no prince Charming turned up to sweep me off my feet and white unicorns also ceased to exist, Daddy dear took the herculean task of making this chit of girl self dependent , and thus started my training to control the metallic monster… aka the Car.

One fine beautiful morning, when only the cattle cross the road, we were returning from my driving session. I had to take a sharp left turn near my house, missed changing the gear – Dad screaming, cows mooing… people staring … bro on the edge of seat … in total confusion and chaos I slammed on the accelerator… and kaboommmm … {ok not that big kaboom… } we found ourselves off the road… half tilted… half inside the neighbors’ compound.
Silence. Our eyes met, dad and mine, and then we burst out laughing, to the extreme dismay of my fuming bro, at this partiality shown towards me. :D

E-mail = Emotional blackmail

Betaaaaaaaa” … ahhaaa extra long Beta means trouble, especially when Dad calls from office.

I, innocently, “Yes papa

Wrote the exam?

Even more innocently, “Yes papa"

Telling lies????”

Stretching the innocence in my voice, “ahemm you know papa

but look at the package, basic, allowances … how can you not think about that offer … and …“,

here comes the Brahmastra,

you will be near us!!!! Betaaaa” …

{sigh , is there any reference book on how to deal with Emotional-Dad Syndrome? }

Reluctantly, “ But dad, there are Beaches here…” {Ohh what a counter attack!!!}

Understandingly, “Well, as you wish beta!!!

And I know this will repeat when the next advertisement for govt. job comes in Employment News.

Relationships need no special mention, when it’s a part of you.

**Land of Blue mountains and orange sea – Assam
**Boruahville - that’s what I call my home :)


I would like to choose Worth Millions Mug from Pringoo .



  1. Loved this funny and very beautiful post
    Wow what a term 'Emotional Dad Syndrome' :) :)

    Best wishes for the contest :)

  2. Sweet post. Brahmastra, Emotional-Dad Syndrome...hahahaha

  3. That was such a sweet and funny post! Loved it! All the best for the contest!

  4. Fabulous post...a very unique way of tribute to dad...naughty and sweet..hope you win...

    All the best dear :)

  5. Lovely post and a beautiful relationship you share with your dad! Touchwood!
    Cheers :)


  7. Short and sweet... :)

    A wonderful tribute to ur dad..:)

    All the best for the contest..:)

  8. The girl takes after her dad in the histrionics department:)

    Nice Read.

  9. Sweet and funny :) Dads rock :) :)

    Emotional Dad Syndrome .. ha ha ha :)

    Gud luck for the contest :) :)

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  11. Beautiful post. Dads are always dads. Sometimes we may disagree with them. But they want very best for us.

  12. Excellent Fabulous Poem.

  13. he hehehe nice funny one .. especially the words used emotional dad.. brahamastra...

    Happy fathers day .. All the best

  14. Thank you, that was extremely valuable and interesting...I will be back again to read more on this topic.


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