[55 Fiction] ::Victim::


Place – High Court

“… found guilty of Dowry demands and mentally harassing his wife and in-laws … The jury sentence him …”

“He’s jailed for 7 years… we can start our life … anew”, she exclaimed.

Place - Central Jail
Dejected, he stood there, imprisoned for a crime he never committed.

** Women are not the only victim.


  1. I totally agree with you, a close friend of mine(a guy) went though a divorce recently... and some things in law are quite appalling, especially that a guy is considered guilty, unless he proves otherwise....

  2. Very very good. Mostly we assume that women are the victims all the time, but I know a couple of cases where that's not true.

  3. cool one...I agree, sometimes men are accused wrongly..but the fact still remains that in most dowry related deaths the victim is a woman.

  4. tragedy looms, we need to keep it in check, great post dear xx

  5. A view from the other side...Nice one Rajlakshmi...Though it is still too early for the judiciary system to take the guys side in our country...

  6. This is being the reality now-a-days! I've seen people who actually this to their advantage. Fucking losers, they are!

  7. First time here... A sensitive subject.. Kudos for your view. Not many think and agree that such a view is also possible.

  8. Super!!! I have witnessed lot of women taking advantage of the laws that protect them. Sexual harassment at corporate orgs, dowry law..and all that.

    Such women are devil

  9. Absolutely!! Women are not the only victim. Have seen/heard of women domineering, controlling, emotionally abusing, threatening men. Some poor guys have to endure a lot!
    We don't hear so much of organizations supporting men's rights as compared to the women rights ones!

  10. a criminal can be a male or female .. no one is an angel...still majority victims are females..
    and yes there is a NGO that helps harassed males too

  11. Am glad u wrote on it. Its sad to see women taking advantage of the system.

  12. Sad but true :(
    Very well put in words!

  13. To the point post ...
    appealing fiction yaar..
    Justice is blind ,ur fiction proves it..

  14. Clap ! Clap ! Clap !

    Lovved it !

    and Im blogrolling you right now for this post ! :D :D

  15. Your post made the bugger vimmuuu happy because u r talking about Dom Violence against Men!!! A truth which is largely ignored!

  16. are going attending the poets Rally,
    miss you on the spot.
    Thank you for the attention!

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  18. True..so true.. and something we should keep in mind before passing on the guilty verdict..

  19. VERY TRUE.. and when i say that It is a FACT.. its normal human tendecy to favour women.. But the story is not always the same ... Oh Man I have been to so many domestic violence .. that it seems man is doing it all.. but when you dig deeper .. it is a compeletly different story...

    and its not the physical part which is almost always looked into .. But other aspects also the mental torture.. the agony ... But though we say its good justice is blind it doesnot disciminate.. But in todays day adn age it NEEDS to OPEN it EYES ... and see what it actually happening...

    A very good article :)

  20. excellent
    short and crisp
    conveys all that needs to be said beautifully!!

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  22. sad but you did an amazing job..


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