::Random Monday Rants:;

Random Monday Rants

=> Heights of being a Foodie - Went for a Blogger's treat yesterday ... and my highlighted hair received another commet - that they look like Paneer Butter Masala ... :|

=> One of my poems is a weekly winner in a poetry site of which I am member :) www.poems-and-quotes.com ... so it wasn't a blue monday for me ...

=> Earthquakes are caused by promiscuous women ... wow relieved to hear that... so I  am not the only one who's tiny miny brain has started working abnormally ... by the way, we women should relocate to Venus, maybe then the volcanic eruptions and other natural calamities would stop tormenting our dear little Earth and Men.
In reply to the comment, my roomie gave tadakedaar answer - "...Ya women cause earthquake, but not on earth, but inside the mind of Men..." :P

=> I adore the beaches in chennai... a respite from the sweltering heat...



  1. Hahaa...Your hair looks like Paneer Butter Masala...That IS a new one! :D

    " earthquake, but not on earth, but inside the mind of Men" Awesome. :)

  2. Paneer Butter masala, thats innovative :P.

  3. paneer butter masala ??? that is the weirdest comment I have ever heard :P
    You should a pic of your highlights on FB..

  4. Hey congrats..:)

    That paneer butter masala comment.. Wow never heard of such hair styles.. :)

    btw that beach looks fabulous..

  5. paneer butter masala ..thats CrazY
    beaches are best..be it anywhere.. except "Bordi beach" where you have to walk into the sea for 15-20 mintues and still you cant touch water!
    congrats for being featured in that poetry site..
    yeah women not only cause earthquakes but also volcanoes in our head..depending on situations..

  6. Beautiful picture, I love beaches in Chennai , one can just spend time just gazing at the infinite sea

  7. At last you found something worthwhile in Chennai :)

  8. Ha ha .. lotz of compliments there ;)

    Congratulations for the winning entry :)

    And beach .. just what I am missing in Hyd :( :( Enjoy!

  9. Loved all the comparisons..best being the earthquake one. Heehaaa.. I am soo curious to see your hair now Rajlakshmi..

    I absolutely love the beaches in Chennai too!!!! :-)

  10. heavenly beautiful!
    thanks for sharing....
    you rock!

  11. Given good name... :)
    good one as usual

  12. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/05/12/thursday-poets-rally-week-18-may-13-19-2010/

    the perfect poet award week 17 reminder,
    Happy Wednesday!
    Welcome to Rally week 18.
    Let me know after you post!
    many thanks.

  13. its her the D Child , In all her colours , Black and white , and in the colour of Panneer , Butter and Masala !! :) Loved to read you in the beach

  14. http://itistimetothinkformyself.blogspot.com/2010/05/jingles-may-follower-award-week-2.html

    Happy Wednesday!

  15. That looks a beautiful place. And I like the reply to the earthquake nonsense.

  16. Hair like Paneer Butter Masala!!?? I wanna have a look at them too! :D
    Congrats on winning! Cheers :)
    Liked that "... but inside the mind of Men!!" True..true!! :D
    The snowy mountains and wonderful rivers up here in north give respite from heat too!! :)


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