:: The Perfect Indian Women::

I am the Perfect Indian women.

...glorified as an epitome of sacrifice... a flawless idol of love , care and tolerance. My heart is made of heavenly substance that is super-absorbent, soaking all the pain around me, so much so that it has gone numb now.

...I justify the term Weaker Sex. You have all the right to let your hand ‘Accidently’ explore my restricted parts, Ogle and shower profanities, and get away with a smile, while I take all the blame for being so improperly dressed in public.. tsk tsk... and of course its my fault that I get jammed between men in an overcrowded bus, where the hands maynot have restrain. But then I wonder what about those numerous nieces, who lost their innocence to their Uncles. Those kids must have done something to provoke them, isn’t it?

I really understand the reason behind beating up women for drinking and for not wearing Indian attire. After all it's not in our Centuries-old-diligently-followed Indian culture. Can I please have the book that dictates all these rules so that I won’t repeat my unpardonable mistakes? But my ignorant mind still wonders, what Men has to do with women’s clothing?

... Even if my husband strays away, I am not supposed to sue him or leave him, but desperately try to woo him back, no matter how hurt is my self respect or how shattered my self confidence is. And if ever I commit the unforgivable crime of nullifying my marriage, till my death bed , I should be prepared to listen to the waggling of neighbour’s tongue on how I wasn't a good wife and how my husband resorted to another women and how my parents failed their duty ... so much so that I would curse the day I was born.

I am supposed to learn cooking to sustain not me but my future family. I should expertise in compromises and to bow till my back breaks. Wife beating is very much acceptable as that is the only method to teach me a lesson and make me dance to your fingertips.

Oh yes, I am being honored and worshipped as a Devi, A goddess, for all my mentioned abilities... Then do these mortal men deserve to have me.. The Devi?

Even if itsy bitsy of freedom is allocated to me... and some of these duties are removed from my share... I am so tied down by relations and responsilities that I still can never have one right I desire - the RIGHT TO LIVE FOR MYSELF ... because I am the Perfect Indian Women.

Btw please stop forwarding all the mails that glorify women and their sacrificing nature. They irritate me. Are you trying to give a consolation prize for the efforts spent by a women? If you really praise them... then FEEL it... Don’t ever click on the forward button if in some corner of your mind, you are thinking about a boy child or dowry or the dress code she needs to follow or the Perfect Indian Wife forcibly customized just for you.

Submitted as a non competitive entry for Indus Ladies International Women's Day blog contest.


  1. loved the post ..the description and everything in the post....can i link this up in my next post..i just want lot of my friends also to read this...


  2. @Hemanth
    hey no problem :) I am glad you liked it so much :)
    thanks a lot :D

  3. Totally 100%. I hate e-mails which clamour for attention too, especially women's liberation etc. Who are we kidding!!

    Nice post.

  4. Hi,
    That was quite an eye opener for those who still believe in false glorification..everything which is just on the face is a facade..respect women but with honesty..they don't crave to be glorified through mails...thanks for the great post..have a beautiful week ahead!!


  5. lovely post Raji.. I agree 100% with this..

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  7. That was a excellent post reflecting strong sentiments.
    All the best to you.

  8. U have let out ur anger in a justifying way ,cant say much about idiots who treat their better half this way...

    anyways lets hope tougher laws are implemented to end these physical abuses...

  9. One of your best posts!..just loved every word of it.

    But today i would love to read a mae version of it also:)..its also possible:)

  10. Totally agree with Samvedna .. one of ur best and a very strong post :)
    And we women hv to stand up for ourselves ..nobody else will if we don't care!

  11. You expressed it well.....good one

  12. This is so well written...

    I totally agree with your post script...I hate such forwards too....

  13. This one got a lot of heart !

    Women were always greater than men ! That is why mother s have such great influence on children ! It takes selfless devotion to child bearing and rearing to produce and pass on humanity to the next generation . They are the real father / mother / god / teacher of life ! Only it s sad cos , The stronger brute muscle forces which have no sensibility or grace have taken over social fabric !
    that is why even now exists , Terrorism , world war , and sexual / emotional / intellectual oppression of ...WOMEN !!

    All gods must have been women ! Poetry is feminine , Divinity and spirituality is feminine

    To be a female is the greatest of gifts . To be feminine is of the greatest of qualities . To be feminine is to be creative , to produce , something new ! something useful , Something EVOLVED

    Male mind is the psycotic mind , the possesive mind !

    No wonder Jesus had said , The meek shall inherit the Earth !

    Wonderful tribute to the female !

  14. How R U?
    A sunshine award in my blog for you.
    Enjoy it!
    Thank u for the informative and uplifting post!

  15. Just one word. Super. Your expression is excellent. I am 100% agreeing with you.

  16. Happy to read a post that does not glorify self sacrifice!!

  17. Happy to read a post that does not glorify self sacrifice!!

  18. Happy to read a post that does not glorify self sacrifice!!

  19. you are bang on target when you say women are looked upon to make sacrifices while men-folks simply turn the other way in the name of customs. nice post!

  20. of course you have valid point

  21. Excellent Write Up!!!!! Very Well Said Dear!!

  22. Very lovely & heart touch post

  23. Gr8 post... You summed up the whole thing in such a straightforward way...

  24. Excellant post. Could not help but agree with everything you've said here.

  25. Beautifully written, Rajlakshmi. I think it expresses the frustrations of our double-standard culture very well. Hopefully new generations will see through it and respect women for who they are. If you're interested, I recently wrote a blog post from my personal experiences, entitled "I am my own woman" at http://mansibhatia.wordpress.com/2010/02/25/woman/
    Thanks for blogging about this.

  26. @lostworld
    @A new beginning
    thank you so much for your views... indeed the situation is far worse from what meets the eye ...

    thanks a lot :)

  27. @Sathish
    /anyways lets hope tougher laws are implemented to end these physical abuses// I really hope so... but then these laws also have loopholes :(
    thanks a lot :D

    i would love to read the male version too :)
    thanks a lot :D

  28. @Swaram
    @Lazy Pineapple
    thnak you so much :)

  29. @Seeker
    after a long time :) loved your views on women... if only someone knoeck these sense to the rest of the people...
    beautiful your words are :)
    thanks a lot for dropping by :)

  30. @jingle
    thank you so much :) I am so glad :)

    @Avada Kedavra
    thank you so much :D

  31. @Dishit
    /when you say women are looked upon to make sacrifices while men-folks simply turn the other way in the name of customs// yes such a pity
    thanks a lot :)

    lolzzz kiya karu aata hai gussa :)

  32. @creativity
    thank you so much :)
    welcome to my space :)

  33. @Smitha
    thanks a lot gal :)

    will sure check it :)
    thanks a lot :)

  34. Quite a well written and true post. And it is full of sarcasm. But don't judge us men so harshly, there are good guys too. :)

  35. Very nice.... very well worded!

  36. Hypocrisy...is our aphrodisiac ;)

  37. Raji, I read this post while at CTS and read it again. Did not notice it then but this one has several grammar errors. No telling how much a person improves with practice :-) Delete this comment please!


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