::An Apple Story::

What if instead of an apple, a Jackfruit had fallen on Sir Isaac Newton’s head? Maybe then he would have never even considered sitting under a tree. That certainly would have saved a lot of trouble to the little Homo sapiens and also to me.

By the way, I am AalLee and this is my story.

I belong to the glorious GeekApps community of the Apple species. In case you are wondering, yes, my family is a direct descendant of the renowned apple that fell on Newton’s head {of all the places!!! }, resulting in earth-shattering-students-harassing-nightmarish theories. {Couldn’t he just had picked it up and relished the taste, apples certainly don’t look like brain scratching elements} And not to forget my grandfather whose dreadful half eaten image is known worldwide. Poor Grandpa.

So thanks to my technically superior ancestors, their hyper- intelligent genes are now floating inside my body. I was featured twice in Apples Daily - an esteemed paper for famous ‘App’sonalities - for my Pain-free-peeling-experience tonic and Still-young-after-pluck lotion, so you see I am Geek personified…

That is until I saw the bewitchingly beautiful Apps-O-Dite, descendant of the glamorous golden apple of Aphrodite. Her exotic ‘app’fume and her graceful moves along the breeze would make any beating heart go flippity flappity :P .. but it’s never the other way round. Last time I tried to perform some ‘impressive’ acrobatic stunts, the branch was about to give away and my only neighbor threatened to shift to some unnamed locality.{ I wonder how he would do that.}

Adding to my woes, there’s a green angle to my story. Gaple – the Green apple of Captain Hector Barbossa (Pirates of the Caribbean) fame, that villainous green monster is considered the stud of our society bah!!! And my girl goes gaga over him sigh!!! … Ohhh why didn’t he just rot in the Black Pearl!!!

Humans remind me of the quote ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. C’mon seriously who wants to keep those beautiful doctors and adorable nurses away. This quote is obsolete even by Apple’s standard.

My Mom, along with the other community members is fighting to gain the copyright of our name Apple. According to her, some tasteless soiled veggi community that grows on ground with an outlandish name called Tomato has dared to call themselves Love Apples. Bahhh how dare they. Some inky tinky hardly a look alike, with no iota of sweetness and fashion statement would call themselves Apples!!!… Gosh outrageous !!! they should be thrown in the garden basket to be executed by humans. No no no those are not my views… that’s what I heard from Mom, screaming on voice-amplifying port {invented by Dad } to a group of ARA (Apple Reform Aunties).

Okk guys I need to return back to my research on Apps-O-Attract formula, an ya you are correct, this is specially meant for Apps-O-Dite.

<Background music …>

….He wears green coat, I wear t-shirts
He’s school captain and I am on the research
Dreaming about the day When you wake up and find
That what you're looking for Has been here the whole time

** I was writing a fiction, but guess what its turned into kinda fact, if you know how to relate with it :D
** and I know it was a TBS - {total Bakwas Story} :P

***Do check out my shape Poetry that I submitted for Jingle's Thursday Rally :: Forgotton Memories::



  1. :-) How could you??? I am running to your shape poetry post.

  2. Poor apples. Some many fruits are abused now a days.

  3. Poetic Lines Were Too Good :) :)

  4. never a dull moment when u come here lol, excellent post..

  5. Rajlakshmi..i am awestruck !You are getting better and better everyday.

  6. Poor-opoor apples.... :) :)

    loved ur imagination....

  7. a very refreshing post ... and it is really good....hope you post more such stuff... tc

  8. The pictures and your poem... WONDERFUL.. I will never be able to look at apples the same again... AWESOME!

    Raj dear, would you like to join us for the Weekend Funnies? Just post something like this.. put in the link and join us?This is just my sincere invitation, you do not have to, if you do not want to ,right?


  9. *sigh*...wish it had been a jack fruit....a rather extraordinarily big one!!! loved the poem...really nice post...

  10. great interesting post... Anyway Newton was safe from Jackfruits because they never grew in his place.. ( It was funny when few of my American friends refused to even accept that there is any fruit called Jackfruit) Wonder if they grow in England. The name Jack seems to be English... LOL

  11. "If you could see that I am the one who understands you
    Been here all along so why can't you see.....
    You belong with me
    Ohh..You belong with me..."

    Marvelous piece! Funny. Traumatic stuff being an apple! :P Keep it up! Cheers.

  12. Just so damn Coolio! :D Love your imagination! haha

  13. Very interesting post. Talking about apples, they used say "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". But please add the additional lines: "if you see a handsome doctor, keep the apple away".

  14. TBS..Hahaha :D Btw, how come a mention of Apple I-pod was missing?! Or is the Apple family really ashamed of the gadget;-)

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  16. The way you visualize ur posts is really good...
    Hope i might borrow these in my blog if you dont mind :)

  17. ok, what did the apples do to you and why do you hate newton so much ?? :D :D :D

    and look at that anonymous comment above !!! the person had the guts to make a name similar to mine with such an idiotic ad !!! :D :D

  18. That has improved my knowledge one notch up.


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