::Of Random Rambling and Awards::

My dearest sister (a veterinary student) has got a new pet... An Oyster ... I was too glad to ask what she named it this time ... glad coz finally her tastes are improving ... a pet Oyster is far better than pet Toads {named Newton and Eienstein } or Pet Male Snales (lovingly named as Ashley and Cashley ... and ya you read it correct... Male snales) ... her dream of a happy family with all the slimy green creatures usually cause extreme dizziness to me and my family...

Ever since I saw Mr Bean having Oysters in one of his wacky episode, I have this secret to desire to have Oyster soup someday... Now now don’t get ideas that my meals consists of only the crawling swimming creatures of the deep sea... Its my extreme will power that I refrain from fulfilling my deepest desire... but then the look of brown slimy creature doesnt help either :P Hope the animal activists are not going to chase me with hockey sticks :P

Ok enough craziness... before you guys leave my space with wuakk wuakks ... let me distribute some awards :D ... its been raining awards on Destiny's child this week :D and I want to thank all of you for your encouragement and views :)


Star Award by Megz - she's an awesome Poet

Stars Light..
Stars White..
You’re the Star..
That shines bright…!!

Rules of Accepting the Award: Pass the love to those in your blog roll.


Happy award by Jingleanother talented poet ... got to know her through Thursday Poets Rally ...

Rules to accept the award:
1: Link to the person who gave it to you,
2. List 10 things that make you happy,
3. Pass it on to 10 happy bloggers.
4. Notify the nominees about this Happy Award.

10 things that make me happy :D
1) The usual blogging, chatting and farming routine :D
2) I love receiving gifts :D
3) Delicious food can light up my face any time ... anywhere
4) Watching Korean movies ... crazy about them
5) Long bike rides along the shore...
6) Beach ...
7) Weekends
8) Vaccation Leave
9) Bug Free defect fix :)
10) Sometimes solitude


Blogger buddy Award by Shruti (Hits and Misses). She presented me this award on her 100th post :D

Please accept these awards

Thank you sooo much all the lovely angels for bestowing me with awards... Princess khush hui :D


  1. thanks Raji for presenting the award! Am honoured! and am now in a levitated state six inches from the ground ;)

  2. Oh, I just came by...
    And what do I see? :)
    I am like "Yipee!"
    Actually I moderate comments at Neha's... came to see what's waiting for her... and got something waiting for me too! :D
    And I hope your sister will never meet my sister, for she has got similar tendencies (including weird names) that she has not found enough impetus to work upon!! :D

  3. Oh, and I forgot to say........
    THANK YOU!!!! :) :) :)

  4. OMG...two awards...that makes it 4 in last one week! Phew!! :)
    Thanks and (online..sigh) hugs to you Princess for the awards!! :D

    And your sister...doesnt she love frogs? :P

  5. wow,
    what amazing and beautiful award for me.
    I am 100% surprised and thrilled.
    U R so talented and gifted.
    It is a joy to have u in our Rally.

    Take care.
    I will grab the information with me as I leave!

    triple cheers, ;) ;) ;)

  6. yeyy.. thnx for the gift dearie!! my first award of the year [wipes of a tear for the extra dramatic effect]. thnx a lot. i am touched. luv ya :)

  7. Awww...Thank you. Thank you. I am so very honored. :)

    And Korean movies? Really? Lol. :)

  8. Awesome..awards are always fun..Here's hoping many many more to you.. :)

  9. Hey thanks a ton for the award yaar :)
    Am honoured :)
    CONGRATS on ur awards too :)

  10. Thanks you soo much...
    my first ward.. yippeeee..


    Um home so no internet..
    but i ll write a post soon about my first award..

    Thanks You Once Again..

    You made my Day.. CHEERS!!!

    P.S. Mujhe toh abi Award ka bi nashga ho ra hai.. ;)
    May Be Um Addicted. :P

    Keep Blogging
    Keep Smiiiling..

  11. Hiiiiii Raj!!!
    Thank you sooooo much!!!
    Cant say in words..thanks for d constant encuragement uddy..luv u..tk cr!!!!

  12. first time here.. and came for an award ceremony i think :D

    congratulations on ur awards! :)

    be careful ur sister doesn't chase u with sticks! ;) :D

    started following the space.. will read n comment when work & time permits! :)

  13. a pet oyster...how cool. hope you craving for soup does not overcome you. congrats on the award!

  14. Stopping by from Jingles place to say Hello. She gave me the award with the humming birds on it.. I like you blog also. I hope you have a great Sunday. My comments are turned off today because I will not be around but I hope you stop by and check out my post today and Saturdays..

    Have a great day..

  15. I am now following your blog.. too. I liked it so much I wanted to learn more.. Thanks.

  16. thank you for the honours princess :D

    tumhare liye ek aur hai princess :D

  17. A pet Oyster :) That is one unique pet :)

    Congratulations on your awards! And thanks so much for passing one to me :) Honored!

  18. Oyster... thats cool... :) :)

    but don't make soup with that... your sis will kill you.. :) :)

    and thanks for the award... I will do the tag and will accept it.. I am really happy and honored.. :) :)

  19. Dear Princess
    Awards galore for you and congratulations!!
    Loved your sis's hobby
    Thanks for passing on that wonderful award to me. I shall acknowledge that in my post, Thanks a lot
    take care.

  20. What did she finally name the Oyster? My friend once named her pet goldfish 'Santhanam' !!:D

    COngrats on the awards. You deserved them :) Very happy for U.
    I'm honoured you thought of me for an award. Thank you so very much!!!!:-)

  21. Hey thank u so much for the awards RajLakshmi :)

  22. oh!!! award for me :)

    thanku thanku

  23. thanks a million for the award!!

    i like those korean movies shown on "World Movies" channel, esp. "my wife is a gangster" and "the movie about two friends and bag which contains some electronic chip" and many more.. korean language sounds really different but not exactly alien like japanese, while mandarin is also nice to hear,

    beaches are the best!! and bike rides to beaches are the bestest!!

    bug free defect fixes...aaahaa ... who doesnt like 'em

    good stuff...keep blogging!

  24. @Dishit
    you are most welcome... hope you are flying away :P

    wow thats a coincidence... I was actually trying to post a comment in yours but couldnt...
    thanks a lot :D

  25. @Sree
    hehehe waah lucky you...
    kiys baat hai :D
    thanks a lot :D

    awwww thank you so much for such kind words :D
    yeah triple cheers :D

    wow i am glad :D u r most welcome :D

  26. @Harini
    thanks a lot :D

    ya i love korean movies :D

    thank you so much for your wishes :D
    welcome to my blog :D

    thank you so much :D

  27. @Pooja
    you are most welcome :D

    ya do write soon :D
    hehehe nasha rehne do :D
    thanks a lot :D

    finally tune apna chehra dikhaya blogosphere mei :P
    my pleasure gal :D

  28. @Leo
    welcome to my space...
    so glad u visited :D
    thanks a lot :D

    ya its cool :D heheheh
    thanks a lot :D

  29. @Amy
    definately will visit your blog :D
    thanks a lot for visiting :D

    wowieee ek aur .... mast hai yaar :D
    thanks a lot gal :D

    thank you so much :D

  30. @kanagu
    hehehe ya will secretly make the soup :P
    thanks a lot :D

    my pleasure gal :D
    thank you so much :D

    hehehe lolzzz :D I wonder how he used to call it :P
    my pleasure gal :D
    thanks a lot :D

  31. @anish
    thanks for accepting guys :D
    my pleasure :D

    yeahh you too love korean movies... :D
    I can die for them :P
    ya beaches are fun :D
    thanks a lot :D

  32. Hey thank you so much for this award.. You made my day..

  33. Sorry for being so late here .. did nt login for the past 3 days :)
    Congratulations and thanks a lot for the award :)
    N this is such a sweet post with all the mixing effects ;)
    Ur sis really hs all those pets!!! Awesome :)

    And eh .. beach and vacation .. just reading that is making me yearn for one :P Sure makes us happy ;)

  34. And u won that blog post of the month award? Congratulations :)

  35. Thanks a lot for the award man!
    Honored! :)

  36. Thanks for the award Rajlakshmi. It is honor to receive this award from you.

  37. @Kavya
    welcome :D

    sister has a lot more weird dreams when it comes to pets..:D
    thanks a lot :D

  38. @Revs

    most welcome :)
    thanks for accepting :)

  39. Hi Raji
    I enjoyed your story and oyster stew is really good! Your story of your sister's pets made me laugh! Please come by and pick up your "Beautiful Blog Award" and enjoy. :)


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