Cute Crushes to Catastrophic Crashes

School daysThe Spring season of crushes … { not my fault :P blame it on the rush of hormones :P } Those were the times when we would ingeniously spend lunch periods ogling at the School Captain and criticizing the length of skirt of his girlfriend :P … {It still beats me why the Head boys had to be Adonis in disguise and their cropped-hair-long-nails-chirping girlfriends – unfortunately a diva  ?}… Poor tiny souls like me would secretly sigh at his incredibly attractive smile :D … and play darts on his girlfriend’s pictures :P (which was splashed all over the glossy school magazine )…

If that was not enough, God had instilled in her all the qualities that we were shrewdly devoid of … topper in class, prize winner in Dancing, inter school basketball championship, All State Science congress, District level painting competition, inter house debate competition and the list goes on… sigh!!!!

Often the green monster and the Cupid were amazingly cooperative with each other :P … But then 12th grade students rarely glanced at 6th graders, except to check their uniforms in the Morning Assembly :P

The symptoms of having a Crush appeared long before its meaning did …till 10th standard, it was the strange gooey feeling that caused maximum number of crashes, as a result of momentary lapse of concentration when the photoreceptors in the retina send an image that was extraordinarily pleasing… :D {I wonder if this is how I blabbered when one beautiful morning the vice captain asked my name :P}

Just one of their enchantingly fascinating look used to make my knees jitter like a rattlesnake :D … and butterfly’s close cousin Dragonfly would perform a rumba and salsa in the gastro-oesophageal junction, sometimes extending up to large intestines… and then TANGGGG!!!! I hit hard against the concrete pillar near my class … head on!!!… that was my first CRASH … which was later followed by a collision with Tamarind tree, then the basketball pole, then the door of physics lab, then with English Ma’m… and it continued… if my sanity is a little imbalanced, you know the reason now :P

Starched White Shirt, skirt impeccably ironed, shoes – chick chack  one had to be this conscious if one’s computer teacher was as distractingly.. ahem… pleasant to eyes as mine was :P … The sight of him, riding his Silver Adreno used to bungle all my SQL queries … With the juniors, Arts and Commerce girls vying for his attention, the competition was real tough :P and it didn’t help either when I crashed the school computer :P

And then came the famine period, that I bestowed on myself by joining Engg :P ... Bearded-Grandfather as Professors squishing us under C/C++, life was hopelessly a null pointer exception …. When in 7th semester arrived a young, extremely dashing fresh-out-of-college Electrical Circuits lecturer :D … the electrical circuitry of the girls from 1st to 4th year went phoooosss !!! Trips to practical labs mounted upto 5 times a day … professors and guys - baffled by this sudden interest in Electric and Magnetic waves… our future looked bright in fields of Electronic Cardio-Psychoanalysis {never mind the capacitors and resistors we fused… :P }

Those were such childlike innocent moments, maybe that’s why we remember them with a smile ... those memories never ache, no matter how many times you were crushed by crashes :P


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  1. Very enjoyable! these phases come in everyone's life and later on one remembers with fondness.

  2. Nice one princess ...could not resist to read again and again even in the office hours...reflects ur charming personality...kudos

  3. LOL .. the EC lecturer's ws the best ;)

  4. i never knew this part of urs though we sprnt a good lot of 18 years together at home. so u are not martian that is the confirmatory diagnosis i give today only after staying under an impression that u were one of those bookworm who could never fall in luv with anyone xcept books.keep it up. vive la school days.

  5. Appa !!!
    reading your post was like something out of a Hollywood movie coz of the vocab u use :)

    anyways had fun reading ur chronicles :)
    keep blogging
    cheers !!!

  6. :) :) very interesting Princess.. :) :)

    the EC lecture case is the best one :) :)

  7. Just perfect post to read on Valentine's Day....leaving your page with a smile on.

  8. "4th year went phoooosss !!! "

    ha ha ha ha

    phhhooosss!! ha ha

  9. Sweeet! happy V day! :-) May more cupids sing around u!

  10. @Antarman
    I miss those days so much :D
    its everyone's favorite i guess :D

  11. @Samar
    finally a comment from you :D
    welcome to my blog :D
    thank you so much :D

  12. @Swaram
    hehehe thanks a lot :D

    //so u are not martian that is the confirmatory diagnosis // lolzzzoii mai jaanwar nahi hu :P
    no one knows me better than you gal :P
    thanks a lot for dropping by :D

  13. @Sathish
    /Hollywood movie coz of the vocab u use // hehehe :D
    /anyways had fun reading ur chronicles // thank you :D
    thanks a lot :D

  14. @Kanaguonline
    thanks a lot for liking it :D

    and u left a smile on my face too :)
    thank you so much :D

  15. @Sankoobaba
    lolzzz thanks a lot :D

    hey welcome to my blog :D
    thank you so much for the wishes :)
    same to you :)

  16. @Hoopoe and Sweetness
    welcome to my blog :D
    thanks a lot :D

  17. crush to crashes heheh.. enjoyed reading this. and thanks for bringing back a lot of memories :)
    length of the skirt and dancing capabilities mattered to a great extent to date a prefect.
    well few of us just waited for him to visit our team during science exhibition.

  18. ROTFL!!
    School Crushes are the best! ;)
    Enjoyed this post and it brought back plenty of memories!! :)

  19. "null pointer exception" .. Oh LoL LoL !!!:-)) Crushes even if they crashed are always fun to recall! You wrote beautifully. Love this post!!

  20. @Shruti
    //the skirt and dancing capabilities mattered to a great extent to date a prefect// lolzzz ya it did... such lovely days those were
    thanks for visting :D

  21. @Pixie
    thanks a lot :D
    school days indeed were the best :D

  22. Amiable post and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you seeking your information.

  23. hahahahah my my myyyy you brought back a flood of memories to me!!!!!
    How cute!


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