::Chronicles of a Homeless Princess::

You wake up one beautiful sunny Sunday morning, to find that your dearest house owner has cut off your electricity and water supply . Moreover, your Fatso broker’s birdbrain Assistant (sincere apologies to the Bird community) calls to inform that he is on his way to remove his precious beddings and cupboards. And even before your extremely-shocked self could get hold of situation, the owner drops another bomb - an order to vacate the house by evening… now where will the poor girls staying in there would go? The broker is untraceable, no prior notice – did the sky also fall down that day ?? The tenants are suffering because of a quarrel between the broker and the owner…

So there we were… my roomie and myself… cursing and packing :P … the amount of luggage we had is not something that could be packed and moved just like that… And moved to where??? … soap went into rice box and Dettol went along with tissues :P … mirror between towels and Teddy inside blanket cover… rice and dal inside basket and soap inside sweet cover … 12 airbags + 10 polythene and hand bags + 2 beddings + 2 tables + 2 plastic racks + 3 pillows + 2 laptops + modem, phone and router … where were we suppose to dump these and where should we dump ourselves ?? …

The incarnation-of-Satan Assistant was all the time singing and whistling… Grrrrr I felt like marinating him with Mexican red chilies, sauté in Hydrofluoric acid till his bones were soft like rubber and feed him to Cerberus – the guard of hell… and if still some of his cursed fragments remained I would feed the crows near the garbage dumping ground of Chennai …

So after few calls, we finally got a place to dump our luggage, said quick goodbyes and left … left the place where we had been staying ever since we landed on Chennai soil… There was no time to even feel sentimental about it …

Finally after unloading our luggage in a friend’s place, realization slowly dawned that we are now homeless wanderers ... And we don’t have that many friends either :P … loading ourselves with a backpack of basic essentials for one week, again we set in search of shelter :D …

For the time being, roomie is at her friend’s PG, myself in my friend’s room, we have searched for PG which will be able to accommodate us in another 2 weeks… so till then, its me, my backpack and the road… :D

The only place left for me to go is Office… Dear God is there anything else left for me to see :P Being a destitute isn’t that bad either :D quite an adventure I am having :D … Parents are still not aware of our present without-roof condition for the obvious reason :D

Even more heart breaking is the fact that just one week before, we had cleaned our room for continuous 5 hours, breaking the months old peace treaty with spiders and cockroaches… gosh did they cursed us for destroying their homes 8O … hereby I solemnly swear that never ever I will kill a cockroach or break spider’s web :D …

Another fact that pains my delicate heart is that, just one week before, after numerous visits to Airtel showroom, burning in the cruel heat of Chennai afternoon, missing numerous lunch, broadband was installed in our room… I feel like crying just to imagine all the Farming and Blogging that I am going to miss… {My crops have died too }

Dearest God did I do something wrong or were you overflowing with ideas while writing my story and why do you have to make people so money-crazy stone-hearted, bereft of any humanity ??

Anyways, Princess is homeless but still enjoying each moment… don’t ask me how … :P



  1. princess jeee tussi great ho maahaaannn ho..
    itne problems mein bhi kaise yaar tum itna masti kar leti ho..
    and ghar pe bhi nai bataya (writer zapped in shock..!!!!!!)

    i admire your guts and attitude gal..
    you still manage to keep a strong outlook and pull ur own legs..
    aalaampanaah tussi great ho :)
    i just have 2 things to say to you
    1> Bravo :)
    2> this too shall pass :)

  2. Have u a hatred for Chennai ?
    Anyways u still hold ur head up amongst these conditions ,gr8 going yaar...

    Hope everything gets settled soon :)
    keep blogging
    cheers !!!

  3. Oh my!! But why were you just asked to vacate out of the blue? Sue the landlord!!

    But you have taken it positively and enjoying every moment!! Glad!

  4. Its really scary when you have to vacate in one day with all your things - kudos to you facing the difficult situation with aplomb..
    //The incarnation-of-Satan Assistant was all the time singing and whistling… Grrrrr I felt like marinating him with Mexican red chilies, sauté in Hydrofluoric acid till his bones were soft like rubber and feed him to Cerberus – the guard of hell… and if still some of his cursed fragments remained I would feed the crows near the garbage dumping ground of Chennai …//
    best curse ever ;)

  5. I am very sorry for you. But I love you guts. You are very strong, in my mind.

  6. Thank god it didn't happen on April,may.else you would have boiled in Chennai heat

  7. Hey I hope that you find a place ASAP..

    But i got give it to u for ur positive attitude.. If it were to happen to me i would have broken down into tears...

  8. Leave Chennai..I have developed HATRED towards that place..God forgive me, but I simply HATE CHENNAI..It's the root cause of all problems for people like us.

  9. Aww, I am sorry and again sorry for laughing while reading the post, couldn't help. You have written it very well. As they say, laugh while you are in pain :D I guess you are doing it perfectly. But I understand the pain, been there and done that not once but twice. From then onwards I swore not to have more than two bags wherever I go. It works perfectly :D And yes the boradband is bit of a headache. Wish you find a place soon. ATB

  10. Chennai and its landlords...and their advance moneys..*sighs* came to blogger after a long time..and then this realistic post...i utterly agree with you...shifting in chennai...is something next to Purgatorio....and a pain in the ....whatever.... i deeply sympathize for your crops as well...get back to the field asap...they have nice(11days remaining limited edition) 3XP roses now....:-P

  11. Oh homeless. very sad..Gud that you got something for two weeks..

    but still you are great.. In this situation, you are just enjoying life.. Lot to learn from you girl.. Sad to hear about your crops :)...

  12. ena koduma ithu!! but yu still had yur spirits up! way2go gal!


  13. I feel ashamed for the way my city treats you,.... :( :(

    why didn't they have given a prior notice for that??? is there nothing called agreement???

    you have took it in a positive way... I wish you to find a good PG soon... my wishes and prayers....

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  15. Mexican red chilies, sauté in Hydrofluoric acid -- sounds like evil mad scientist!!
    old peace treaty with spiders and cockroaches… -- really creative!
    Farming -- farmville... wow... i barely manage time for mafia wars so haent veered into farming yet
    people so money-crazy stone-hearted, bereft of any humanity -- some people are!!

  16. @Megz
    koi mahan wahan nahi hu
    thori crack hu isiliye has rahi hu...
    hope this will pass soon
    thats a lot gal for your words :D

    no I dnt hate chennai... i am just a little frustrated :)
    thanks a lot :D

  17. @Insignia
    ohh i wish i could sue him... and let him burn in hell
    with all the rodents and roaches....
    thanks a lot :D

    ya its like your nightmare comeing true...
    i would i could do more than just curse him :)
    thanks a lot :D

  18. @SG
    thanks a lot :D time makes everyone stronger :)

    ya thankfully its not April... else i would have been charcoal of my current self :)
    thanks a lot :D

    ya still hoping the same...
    thanks a lot :d welcome to my blog :)

  19. @Ashutosh
    man you really dislike chennai...
    even i am thinking of leaving it soon... 2years is enough i guess...
    thanks for visiting buddy...

    hehehe nevermind... i am myself laughing at myself...
    2 bags!!!! even my shoes won't fit in there :P
    thanks a lot :D

  20. @Kabya
    ya its a headache...
    what!!!!! pink roses!!!! awwww why does it has to happen now... i am going to my farm right now :P
    thanks a lot :D

    ya enjoying my unwanted adventure :P
    thanks a lot :D

    hehehe comedy is my life i guess
    thanks a lot :D

  21. @Kanagu
    well... its just few people ...
    ya they should have given prior notice... but they didnt... i feel like brading his head grrrr...

    thanks a lot :D

    I should have been an evil scientist... then i would have drowned him in H2SO4 :P
    some people are money crazy... and all are dumped in my fate...
    thanks a lot :D
    haven't played mafia wars...

  22. OMG! Thatz so horrible! Hope u hv found a place nw girl? I so wish he learns his lessons soon .. :grrrr

  23. @Swaram
    even i hope he learns his lesson soon ...


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