::Of Chilly Singphi and Wishes::

Singphi was just four when his mother died,
Father fighting war afar, people only sighed,
Kind Uncle Rammy, melted by his plight,
shared his own shelter, to Aunty’s delight.

Time rolled by, and twenty summers later,
Young, dashing Singphi, hair hued copper,
Faster than a stallion, riding on the winds,
Tales of his swiftness, Townville sings.

One fateful morning, arrived Grummy Goons,
Rowdy, smelly bunch of, boorish baboons,
loaded with rifles, robbed gold and silver,
Uncle Rammy wounded, cried cousin Nelser,

Zoomed in Singphi, with fire burning inside,
hit eldest on the jaw, resentfully he cried,
fiercely fast he wrestled, two at a time,
Sprinkled chilly in eyes, payment for crime,

Scooted Grummy goons, never to step again,
Peace soon resided, in Townville’s plain,
His heroic deed is still celebrated they say
every year in spring, as Chilly Singphi day,

Ok… now that was a really Bakwas poem on a story I saw in my dreams :P I don’t know why I am getting such weird dreams :P so just laugh it off :D

Finally watched Avatar in 3D… but guess what, I suffered motion sickness right in the middle of the movie  … WTH!!! … I have been dying to watch it, and all I did was apply Zandu balm all over my forehead and eyes and nose  … My luck is really in some ‘Murphy’ mood :roll: …

Sister dear going to Sikkim on her holidays… that calls for another round of shopping… looking forward to all the amazing things she’s gonna buy for me :D … of course it’s my CC that will pay that reminds me of my extremely cuddly Sikkim wool sweater screaming in my bag… I could actually hear it shouting –“ Please Don’t make an antique piece, gift me to your sister”… but no I am not that good either

This year is soon going be just a whisper of the past, some hushed memories… some that would forever last. My greatest feat was to visit home thrice :D … some sunny days I cherished and enjoyed heavy rain too :D . But why every last day of the last month of the year I find myself just with myself, ya this year too I am going to celebrate with my solitude :P … seems my stars have this tendency to arrange themselves in the same ‘lonely pattern’ each year-end :P …

But then the rate at which I unconsciously invite adventure won’t make it boring either :D so me and Chilly Singphi will think of something to do :D …

Here’s wishing you all a very warm and beautiful new year … another set of 365 days await you … don’t paint them with the same boring color of yesterdays :P Be creative :P



  1. Best wishes for a happy and peaceful New Year, Rajalakshmi! God bless you and your family.

    Will come back again to read and comment on the post.

  2. Lol,bakwas?!no ingenious!I loved it!And your poem set the post in tune and I read it with my head swaying side to side.dunno why.LOL.
    Happy New Year!

  3. Nice post. In fact I loved that poem. Sorry you had to leave the Avatar in the middle. It is always happy occasion to go home.

    Happy New Year Rajlakshmi.

  4. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous new Year !!!!

  5. LOL !!! that was a dream ??? :D :D :D :D and you made a poem out of it !!! Gr8 !!! Chilly Singpi, huh? you could suggest the name for a remake of Chandni chowk to china ! :D

    Anyway, Wish you and your shopping sister the happiest year ahead !! and while shes still there, and using YOUR CC, get something for me too ! :D :D :D :D

  6. aha, some one remembers her dream and pen it well :P

    happy new year dearie.

    i saw u in ch1blogs :)

  7. nice post and pretty good poem
    beautifully written

  8. It was dream?? Nice one :)

    Happy New Year :)

  9. Wow! What a dream ...and then a poem on that! Superb :)

    So, u r gonna get a lot of gifts .. awesome!

    Wish u a wonderful yr ahead too :)

  10. @Sandhya
    welcome to my space :)
    thanks a lot and hope you too had a nice time :)

  11. @Theschmuck
    hehehe you liked my bakwas poem :P
    thanks a lot :D

    well even with a headache and watery eyes i watched it :P didnt leave in the middle...
    thanks a lot :D

  12. @Neel
    thanks a lot :D
    wish you both a happy new year :)

  13. @Vimmu
    /you could suggest the name for a remake of Chandni chowk to china ! :D
    // hehehehe not a bad idea :P
    /get something for me too// aha :P
    thanks a lot :D

  14. @Sawan
    ya saw you there too :D
    thanks a lot :D

    thanks a lot :D
    wish you too a great year ahead :D

  15. @Harini
    thanks a lot :D
    welcome to my soace :)

    lets c how many gifts she gets :)
    thanks a lot :D

  16. Happy New year!

    Very nice to come across a poetic and a creative person!:)


  17. wishing you and your family a very happy new year Rajlakshmi... :) :)

    and you are making a poem with a dream... its nice... :) :)

  18. Very nice post!! May your new year be coloured with many different and beautiful color than the previous year!!

  19. Nice post..

    Wish you a very happy and prosperous new year.. May all your dreams come true this year

  20. Loved the poem and your adventurous dream too :-)

    You have brought about a very good rhymes out there...

    Wish you a very happy new year 2010

  21. @Netra
    welcome to my blog :)
    thank you so much :)

    //you are making a poem with a dream... // hehehe
    thanks a lot :D

  22. @Swatantra

    thank you so much
    wish you all a wonderful year ahead :)
    thanks for dropping by :)

  23. interesting take on the poem. I never remember my dreams actually.. maybe thats for the best.

    Have a great new year :)

  24. funky poem...sounded like powerpuff girls episode!!

    avatar 3d is really amazing...

    "" … seems my stars have this tendency to arrange themselves in the same ‘lonely pattern’ each year-end :P …""


  25. @Lena
    thank you so much... it was just a random dream :D

    ya that movie was amazing :D
    thanks a lot :D


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