::Birdie Shie & Birdie Hee:: A Love Story

Silky Satin feathers , dash of copper hue
eyes fathom deep, reflecting sky so blue,
Fireflies encore, her bewitching chimes
Birdie Shie she is, singing playful rhymes,

Spring arrived, along with its infectious glee,
Riding on the sunbeams, entered Birdie Hee,
Love at sight it was , but Shie didn’t realize,
sleepless nights followed, and so did advise

Oh Shie, look at thee, and your drooping eyes,
In love you are dear, confess before he flies”
Perched on an Old Oak and staring at the void,
Birdie Hee was in love too, that day he confide.

Blossoms looked on, and startdust embraced
as they waltzed in passion with angelic grace
Hee didn’t promise shiny stars or eternal love
but each moment stood by her, ‘Neath sky above

Test of time is ruthless, Shie soon found out
when a call came for Hee, at earliest he was sought
Shie held on to him until, his words soothed her,
With morn rays ll be back, sing me a song dear

Lonesome was the day, and as shadow spread wings
echoed a lonely melody, till today they say it rings,
Purple sun began to rise, but Hee didn’t return
neither that day, nor many more days to come

Alone Shie would plead heaven, singing old love songs,
longing for one last glimpse, but destiny proved her wrong
and before she breathed her last, trickled a solitary tear,
Still in silent nights they say, her voice you can hear.


  1. He didn’t promise shiny stars or eternal love
    but each moment stood by her, ‘Neath sky above

    Loved these lines .. all that is required :)

  2. @Antarman
    thanks a lot :D

    ya thats all required :)
    thanks a lot :D

  3. Wow u write poetry also.how did u guys can write poems in such a beautiful way.I can't pen even single line...

  4. @Anish
    hehehe I write it just like that :)
    thanks a lot :D

  5. Dear Rajlakshmi,
    Good Evening!
    well written poem!the love,the depth,the pain,the separation and the waiting...........
    I do hear that voice often!
    wishing you a wonderful weekend,

  6. Quite a poetry yaar :)
    Very alluring indeed :)

    keep blogging

  7. @Anupama
    thank you so much... i am glad that you liked it :)
    and welcome to my blog :)

  8. You write poetry very well. I loved this particular one. Brought out the emotions.

  9. @SG
    thanks a lot :D
    glad you liked it :)


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