[55 Fiction]::Victim ::


He edged a little closer towards her. She knew this was the end.

Her trembling self searched for an escape, still wondering how her instincts failed her, struggling to avoid the face of death.

But it was too late. He was too near.

With a quick strike of its tongue, the lizard swallowed its prey.

55 Fiction ::
A literary work will be considered 55 Fiction if it has:

Fifty-five words or less (A non-negotiable rule)
A setting,
One or more characters,
Some conflict, and
A resolution. (Not limited to moral of the story)
The title of the story is not part of the overall word count, but it still can’t exceed seven words.
Many new versions of the 55 Fiction have started to modify on the rules by either ignoring the rule to include conflict, or basing it on a true incident and dramatising it.


  1. ah, that is a very different take, and a nice one :)

  2. mighty fine!
    -S(previously blogging as Miss Nobody)

  3. yapa...ena oru karpanai!!..intha duel neenga witness paningalo:D

  4. Nalla Iruke!! Keep your imagination!

    Thanks for your visit. Wishing you a happy new year

  5. wow ..hats of to you girl.....after reading your old post , it never surprised me...good one

    Happy new year ....may god bless ya

  6. @Neha
    thnaks a lot :D
    glad you liked it :)

  7. @Miss nobody
    you chenged you name :P
    thanks a lot :D

    thanks a lot :D

  8. @Hary
    tooo bad i am tamil blind :P if its tamil :P
    thanks for the visit :)

    happy new year to you too :)
    thanks for your visit :)

  9. @Anish thomas
    thanks a lot :)
    wish you too a great year ahead :D

  10. yeah!! good one.
    I wrote 5 55 fictions..with..happy endings..

    very twisty this way..awesome!!

  11. @Sorcerer
    will check them out :)
    thanks a lot :)


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