[Rant]::Office Blues::

I'm in a ranting mood today... enough of sweet-liitle-girl attitude....{smiling deviliously...}

1) I feel like a mechanic these days... analysing and fixing defects... digging through the Java codes for hours only to find a small of mismatch of variables... or the wrong condition check... bugging my cubicle’s cubicle mates on what could be the reason... and inventing some mind blowing solution which sometimes hardly passes the first level of testing ...

2) I don’t want to sound rude... but people should really check their BO...
Well your highness was all smiling-laughing ready to attack on her lunch... which by look-of-it seemed like specially brought from some alien land... I had just started chewing on a spoonful of rice... when this lady sat next to me... emanating a smell which would have been a craze in some Martian land... the half chewed food stayed where it was... neither anything went inside my mouth nor anything got down... teary eyes... forcefully blocked nose... growling stomach... the lunch plate reached the disposal area as it was... {sniff sniff}

3) Talking about food... well ours is specially made by some Masala kings...of alienland...red-brown curries bubbling with tonnes of spices... the vegetables look as if their origin was among the Hyacinth of Amazon rainforest ... and they have even started recession in Paneer Butter Masala... we have to arrange a search party to look for miniscule Paneer pieces...

4) How to handle the loads of daily analysis that is assigned every day in addition to the emergency fixes... mark every thing as WIP ... work in progress
... :D ... {if my manater is reading this... ahhhh c'mon I was just joking}

5) Why is it that only in office do I get these yawning attacks... and once it starts there’s no stopping... minute after minute my mouth would open to the maximum extent subconsciously to be shut immediately... then turning left and right to check if anybody saw that... and the freezing AC... are they trying to preserve whatever skins and bones we are left with... the only respite is in Restroom... besides Pantry that is the only place with human adaptable conditions... since frequent visits to restroom would raise colleagues eyebrows and frequent visit to pantry would raise manager’s eyebrows... I sit quietly ... shivering and yawning... at my seat... with a look as if the ghost has appeared in front of me...

6) The only thing I enjoy doing is blogging... my office blog... which is soon going to reach 100 posts... thats what I love... my lifeline in the Office...


  1. Sweet post specially the yawning.
    And you remind that boring atmosphere is a step towards yawning.
    And congrats-in-advance 100 posts.

  2. what a rant..what a rant..
    yawning attacks
    he he...

    manater ...
    he he....

    only an e remains to be attached...

  4. What a coincidence, today everyone is reminiscing about lunch:)

  5. @Hobo
    thanks a lot.. The cake is surely waiting :)

    LOLZZZ maneater sounds so much cool and thats nt a lie either

  6. This is the life style of most of the techies...you reminded us once again about the same ....what 2 do.....nyways that was a fun read..between congrats 4 100th post :)

  7. Nice post. Many times ranting helps us to get piece of mind.

  8. Interesting one Raji... :) I, myself can relate to it.. :)

    but what is BO?? and also I hate blog of my office.... Actually I love to write about politics... but they won't allow it... so if there is an restriction for freedom of expression, there is no point in doing it..

  9. Good one.. even I have these yawning attacks and my only solace is caffeine.. getting addicted to it these days :)

  10. liked the rant, keep on enjoying blogging

  11. @Anishthomas
    same life ... same rants... of every IT guy :)
    thanks a lot

    thanks a lot :)

  12. @Kanagu
    BO means Body Odour :)

    but I love my office blog... its my lifeline :)
    thanks a lot :D

    coffee.. if i drink i cup in the evening... I won't be able to sleep the whole night...
    same with tea...
    so i drink water... :) whenever i sleep sleepy :)

    thanks a lot

  13. @Neeraj
    glad to see you back ...
    hope your training is going well :)
    I can understand how hectic it can be
    but your dormant blog is surely missing you :)

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