Home is where my heart is… among the peaceful blue mountains… which taught me the language of silence… rustic serenity that envelops me in those crowded but lonely times … flickering images of emerald blades glistening in the amber radiance of cool early mornings … and of my tiny feet walking on the freshly mowed grass… feeling every drop of shimmering dew… laughter echoing in those frozen moments…


Mid April… New Year commences… Spring welcomed by vibrant rainbow streaks splashed all around and the sounds of Dhol-pepa would make every Nachoni dance to the evergreen songs of Bihu… gracefully moving to the rhythms … infusing life into humdrum routine… Bihu dol of tiny tots would elegantly perform in each house... singing prayers and praises… dressed in attractive Muga Mekhela Chador … gifting us precious smiles that would remain till the next Bihu… gulping down hando guri and chira doi … feasting on Pitha … chatting around the Mezi till the wee hours… the spirit of Bihu never dies…



And when the rain, separated by sweaty summer days, rushes to embrace the earth… first in tiny droplets and then long torrents …its union is exhilarating… delicate blossoms and tall bamboos would sway to the new found music ... lightening would give an electric aura to the ambiance … even heaven could not be more beautiful than the morning after … waking up to deep copper soil wearing a pinkish glow… diffusing sweet earthly aroma … green hue could not have looked more attractive …the inviting azure sky with some hint of grey … sun struggling to peek out … but soon would be shadowed by ever present thundering dark clouds… sun would back off for few days … by that time Brahmaputra would be surging high… playing dangerously with its strong currents… till winter…



Winter arrives … veiling the land with foggy morns… spreading its icy touch … eyes refusing to open… wrapped in double triple blankets and sweaters … still reminiscing the previous night… watching the starry Orion constellation sitting around the fire… sun would hesitantly appear … soaking us in warm radiance… greeting with a pleasant hug…
In the month of October… when the fields have dried… bitter cold rendering us immobile… Kangali Bihu is celebrated… even if there is no reason to rejoice… but happiness lurks everywhere… it just needs recognition…

Majestic hills stand unaffected … as if looking at us … and enjoying the activities going below… they taught me Green is a primary color … and without it no color is complete… So many days I used to spend looking at imaginary faces that it used to make… or the imaginary river that flows through it…

The bright lovely dahlias … blue hued mountains … red soil … gushing waterfalls … and the Stillness… I am a part of it and carry its fragrance everywhere … Its my home … A home where my heart is

**I thought of writing a humorous post but guess what… I went all senti while penning this one down… :P
***This is my entry to Weird Takes your Take series


  1. Rajlakshmi,
    khubei dhunia likhesa,porhi bahutei bhaal paalu...kaali puja aahi aase,ghoror loi aaheebo pora jodi miss koriesa.Jodiu ahibo nu wara mon tu na mareeba,je bujhelu tumar ghor tumar antorote asse...bhale thaka,neejor joton loi.

    What a beautiful tribute!!!

  2. an amazingly wonderful post...you simple painted by your words...simply wonderful...

    btw...you have been awarded again... :)

  3. Excellent post. Super descriptions. Brought the whole scenary right in front of my eyes.

  4. beautiful post Rajlakshmi.. I enjoyed reading this :)

  5. Nice one ! I just love that design of traditional Asssm sari in black white and red.

  6. Nicely described. I could visualize the mountains, the tea gardens the dahilas and the brahmaputra, as I read

  7. @Kavita
    thank you so much
    bhal lagil apunar comment pohi... Diwali't to ghor jabo nepau... sigh... but thats a part of life now :)
    thanks again :)

  8. @Kabya
    thanks a lot... for the award too :)

    me tooo :D
    thanks a lot :D

  9. @SG

    Thank you so much :D

  10. well after going through ur blog i can say that ur stay at chennai has truely changed u. ur love for our assamese culture and our society is really appreciable.frm my experience i can say no matter in any part of the world we stay, no matter we are whatever position our identity is only by our language, culture and our roots. we are plannin to go to those places frm where our ancestors came, along the bank of dihang and disang. my tale of discovering my roots may nw seems like a dream but my instincts say this will be a teriffic experience.always its me ur beloved sis jyoti. lv u


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