Kabhi mehsus kiya hai...

Kabhi mehsus kiya hai...

Kabhi mehsus kiya hai
Hasi ka naqab pehne
kaun sa aasu chup raha hai,

Kabhi wo dhadkan suni hai
Jaha har umeed k panne pe
ek gum ki kahani likhi hai,

Kabhi in aakhon ki gahrayi mei
jhak kar dekha hai
dard ka chaddar ode
kaun sa tuta sapna sou raha hai.

Have you ever?(English Translation)

Have you ever tried to feel ,
behind this smile
which dejected tear is hiding,

Have you ever heard that heartbeat
where every page of hope
has a story of grief engraved in it,

have you ever looked into
these deep eyes
where under a blanket of agony
a shattered dream is sleeping.


  1. simply loving your style of writing in hindi and then the english translation....u so good at both

    carry on laxmi :)

  2. @Neeraj

    Thanks a lot dude... your words are so encouraging :)


    thank you so much :)


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