Ajeeb sa Manzar

Ek ajeeb sa manzar nazar aata hai
jugnoo andhere mei pighal jata hai
dil tou kabke pathar k ho chuke
abb usspe maqbara banaya jata hai

Sapne lehrate hai ashko ki zameen par
aasha aankho mei jamm jati hai
Awaz aaho mei simat k
sunhari zanzeero se bandh jati hai

abb tou neend bhi zahreeli ho gayi
dusro k armaan pilati hai
Murjhaye sitaro k tale
sehemi khamoshi cheer jati hai

ghaav dard ko sehelata hai
ek ajeeb sa manzar nazar aata hai

English Translation:

Perplexing views flicker from here
Firefly melts in midnight grey
Hearts tranfigured to concretes
now tombs are constructed in array

Dreams sway in a kingdom of tears
hope freezes in the eye
Voices embrace empowering sighs
Glimmering chains imprison replies

Even sleep became venomous
feeding on someone's belief
Under the wilted stars
scared silence slashes relief

Gashes caress the pain to bear
Perplexing views flicker from here


  1. waw!!..u r so good at hindi ..and at poem

    loved matching the translation :P

    my pick in the poem ...

    "abb tou neend bhi zahreeli ho gayi
    dusro k armaan pilati hai "

  2. @ neeraj
    thanks a lot... I love writing in hindi... find it more expressable :)

  3. Mast hey Raji...! zehareeli needh was scintillating! :)
    Will blog-roll ya! :)

  4. You are quite an amazing poet!! Shd think seriously about getting published....ur Poems are truly fab!!

  5. @Sree
    hey you are here... thank you thank you :D thanks for dropping in :D

  6. @Sonja
    Awww that is so sweet of you... thanks a lot :)

  7. damn good job!! wonderful flow in there.... hats off!! :)

  8. @Sumit..

    thanks a lot... your words are very encouraging :)

  9. Does it mean that you are going for a pair of new glasses to clear the vagueness in the vision? ;)


  10. @Smaltown_girl

    thanks a lot :)


  11. wonderful poem.. write more.. i want to read more!!!!!


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